The Ultimate Resource


The Ultimate Resource Guide

Using fiverrs resources for answers to your questions:

The terms of service are of most importance.

Go here for information about Levels, remember fiverr editors hand-pick top-rated sellers

For any clarification or question not covered in the ToS, you may place a ticket at Customer Support.

Other internal resources:

The forum is a great resource for any questions.

For using the forum, please review these rules

and for help with abbreviations, check out this thread

Many frequently asked questions are answered within these posts.

What is a Gig and how to I create one?

  1. A gig is a small job. Check out this post for more info

So I’ve created a gig, how do I get my first sale?

  1. These two posts are filled with information

How do I make more money on fiverr?

  1. You can make more money by promoting gigs

  1. You can make more money by offering extras

  1. You can over deliver and offer exceptional customer service

  1. Videos, graphics, and live portfolios

There are many more articles in the forum. Be sure to use the search tab.

My buyer is dissatisfied with my work, what can I do?

  1. You have a few different options when dealing with possible negative feedback

  1. Here are some basic tips to avoid negative feedback

  1. Using mutual cancellations

So how much money CAN I make on fiverr?

  1. Everyone’s success is directly related to the service they provide. Here are stories from Super Sellers

  1. Here is a thread about what people have purchased with their fiverr earnings

Other resources of valuable information

Sending support tickets-

Payoneer -

Leaving feedback-

Protecting yourself from scams-

Additional tips-

Feel free to post additional links below.

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Very nice compilation of useful resources. This is a must read post! :slight_smile: