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The unconfirmed orders leads to more cancellation rate!

I noticed that, The buyers can place any order to my gig.
These orders sometimes are completely not included in my gig or in not suitable time for me.
So I cancel them and this increase my cancellation rate and as a result my rank become lower…

I need a way to confirm or refuse the order from the beginning. Any help??
And you as a seller how to deal with that?

Thank you!


Yeah there are so many people who want a feature to accept or reject an order. But currently there is no feature for it. Also when someone places order without understanding what the gig offers then you can ask Customer support for mutual cancellation. It’ll have less impact than normal cancellation.


Thanks for replying. Yes I do that but what is the difference between this and the normal cancellation?

Fiverr isn’t (at the moment) designed to allow sellers to pick and choose who they want to work with.

Until the feature becomes available, which it may never be, is there any way you can structure your gigs, and requirements, so that you don’t need buyers to contact you first?

It would reduce your cancellation rate, and make for a better Fiverr experience both for you, and your buyers. :slight_smile:


Yes this may help. But still there are buyers who order very different thing! I am really don’t know why but it’s allowed to ask anything in their orders!

You can use dispute resolution button to ask either more time or explain that the order is not appropriate or not something you can or willing to do, so that you don’t have to cancel

@abdulmoti Is that not cancellation ??

No - you can ask for a time extension without cancelling the order. :slight_smile:

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please mention clearly what you can do in your gig description and highlight Important lines so next buyer will contact you first .cancellation order is not good for your profile but there are some buyer who give order without contact you then use resolution center there is no other option :frowning:

No, it is not, you can ask for more time or as the buyer to cancel.

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I already wrote that clear in my description and they still order without contact!

I think it should be option to confirm the order before starting


I agree…There must be some option for our confirmation when buyer order directly without inbox…as these happens to me also many times…Buyers does not read the full description and go for the order just by seeing the reviews.



Well, I think some buyers don’t read descriptions in cases like hers.

Same predicament :frowning: I have had to cancel two orders this week from buyers who wanted something I am not offering on my gigs. Wish the accept /reject button was available! Meanwhile, let me just convince myself that a cancelled order is better than a bad review

It is better :smiley: Trust me. I received a negative feedback, first in seven years, for an order on which I didn’t get the chance to work and which was refunded back. The only thing I received from that order is negative feedback, yeeey for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys,
I totally agree with you all, there should be some sort of option for cancelling the order before countdown.
Hope fiverr comes out with something like that soon.