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The unlimited benefit of fiverr mobile app

Hi everyone, I just want to take this time to highlight some of the benefits of fiverr mobile app, for the benefit of some newbies who may be unaware of it’s existence or it’s great functionality.

Firstly, and most importantly, with fiverr mobile app you can be online on the go wherever and whenever if you wish to.

It provides you quick access to your activities online. This means that, as a seller, you can get on-the-spot notification from buyers, and this makes your response to their request or enquiry even faster.

It is cost effective in terms of data consumption.

It is user friendly. It has a user friendly interface and easy navigation buttons. You can navigate the length and breadth of fiverr market place, forum, blog, academy and what have you…
And finally, fiverr mobile app is available for free download in Google play and apple store online.

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@silberma1976: Yes it is. kudos to fiverr team.

It’s pretty average. I like the notifications, but that’s about it. A lot of my clients moan about it. Also, I HATE THE NEW WAY ORDER MESSAGES AND EVERYTHING IS SET OUT.

It’s just like… why can’t I just read the messages in order? Why is the review/chat/everything under different tabs? I swear I can tell you who is dealing with me on mobile tech because they can’t find a damn thing and they want me to do if for them.

3/10 from me. 1 point for the notifications, another for being on my phone, the final for… charity. It’s shite.

I mostly agree with you but I’d give it a 7/10. Adding two points for speed and two for stability to the points you’ve already given.

I don’t see any benefit as I receive the notifications as soon as they come into my gmail inbox. Why should I clutter my phone with another app? I can react on the spot and frankly I don’t want to be shown as available around the clock, as I already receive an e-mail at least every 20 minutes 24/7.

yes i am also using fiverr android app and its awesome. user friendly and you can access quickly. :slight_smile: thanks

Yes, thanks to fiverr mobile app. It keeps me on the job even when am a million miles away from my PC.

I just wish they create a desktop notify & chat tool for macOS & PC would be nice. The mobile app still not so reliable, the notifications works only sometimes, sometimes it appear and disappear itself.

The app is good for quick replies but delivering work sometimes becomes an issue on the go. The images or video doesn’t upload at all sometimes till you log out and the sign in again.

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the app is good for reply and see notifications,but its needed more features.

App needs to be able to send audio files with the ios version.

I like the app for one thing - quick notification. But I do not like the fact that I cannot send an audio sample while sending an offer on BRP.

I like the app design. Browsing buyer requests on the go and instant chatability is nice.

Features I´d like to see added:

  • Being able to reply to forum posts (Or is that a bug only I have? I can see the reply field, but nothing happens, when I tap it.).
  • Editing gigs. Would be nice to have, because I´m still playing around.
  • The ‘delete request’ button for the ‘Buyers’ Requests’ section - when I delete everything that is not a buyer’s but a seller’s request from the list, there´s only a handful left really, makes it much easier to look it through regularly.

i just downloaded it, am new on fiverr. How can i make money through it?

@odeleyedare2: Go over to fiverr academy. You will get all the help needed there.

It is so informative to hear about the various challenges some of us experience with this great app.
Well for me I offer only photoshop and graphic design gigs, and I have not encountered any challenge in delivering orders via my phone.
It is good that we have noted someone of the challenges peculiarly to certain gig, and I believe that fiverr is up to task in fixing all of them with subsequent updates.
In a final word, please remember that new features always come with updates, so always endeavour to update to a latest version when such notifications pops up.

yes, it looks really good .

I like it, but notifications are useless on my Android phone, they don’t work! Thank you God Google for Gmail!
Besides that, it could be useful. My response rate went down because I wasn’t able to answer as soon as messages arrived when I wasn’t at my desk, now it’s slowly improving thanks to the Fiverr app and “God Google” :smiley:

Thanks for the info

The app is okay but not great for me… There are so many things lacking like someone said earlier, if they should look into all the needed features by users, I bet it’s going to be perfect…