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I think it’s time we band together and we share the NAMES of Sellers that are only on Fiverr to take us out for a FREE ride.

I’ve had two in a row now who said "loved it, keep going."

And added gigs. I get more of the same messages as I work, "Loved it, keep going."

Then I deliver the gig, and it’s $85 bucks and two days of my work. I tell them in the delivery IF YOU WANT A FREE REVISION, you got it.

Instead, I deliver the job proudly and the next morning I wake up only to find I got a bad thumbs down.

What the… f*** ?

Granted, I can get my BAD thumbs removed from sending in a request to Fiverr, but why was this necessary? When a Buyer racks up a lot of bad scores… he or she simply gets the BOOT from Fiverr. This has to be the law.

No Buyer with bad ratings should be allowed to go after more Sellers and abuse them too, get free work then get refunds. It’s rude, unprofessional and it’s Business Terrorism at it’s finest.

It’s time to put a stop to this madness.

Suggestions? Anybody?


I know that so far I purposefully have not done business with a couple people who contacted me and had a scary feedback rating.

I agree in principle that honorable sellers need to be protected.

I’ve got caught doing jobs for people who did not read the description. I’ve literally done stuff without pay.

I sincerely believe that the system will improve and change. I can only imagine Fiverr wants to better the experience over time and that would mean doing something about deadbeat or annoying buyers.

Out of 18 gigs completed, I consider 2 that I’ve done to be total screw jobs to me. 1 of those two was canceled because the customer accidentally ordered the gig 4 times in stead of 1. I did the job that I was asked and never got paid for the original work that I did.

I could be angry about it, or I can understand that my Fiverr goals are a long build and there will be a little bit of nonsense. That is the world of customer service. I’ll accept some limited nonsense if the number of gigs I’m doing overall improves.

The other day out of pure kindness, Petsmart replaced a bag of dog food that I forgot to load into my car while I had my daughter. I’m always overly concerned with my daughter when I’m in a parking lot. This time I was so concerned with her getting in the car safely that I forgot our 50 dollar bag of dog food. A couple hours went by when I realized what I had done. I went back to the pet store and evidently someone took the dog food home for themselves.

So it was my fault. I asked if anyone in the store had brought a cart in from the lot with a bag of dog food. There was no sign of it, but they OFFERED TO GIVE ME A FREE BAG FOR MY MISTAKE!

I’ll be the first to admit the mistake was my fault. I accepted their giving it to me for free even though I feel a little silly. But you know what? They’ve “won” my loyalty as a customer. An act like that can have an astronomical outcome with me as a customer. People don’t have to go above and beyond for me when I screw up, but when they do, they win me over.

Apple also has an amazing track record at keeping me happy even when my things are out of warranty.

On the other hand, I have a greedy ass accountant who won’t lower my rate even though the volume of my business has diminished drastically. Homeboy lost an EASY 1200 a year gig. I lose an accountant who acts like I’m more of an inconvenience even though my details are exceptionally well organized.


I will not return messages to people about jobs who I can identify as trouble. I don’t want their job or their offer because life is too short to deal with deadbeats or jerks.

I’ve seen professional managers walk away from multi millionaires because they were too much to deal with.

I try to win over everyone I do a gig for, even the rare bone heads if I wasn’t able to identify them as so.

If I wind up doing a job for a bone head, I’ll do my best.

Here’s an idea I’ll end with.

Maybe after a buy/sell experience with a gig, we should be able to “not” do business with them again by the click of a button. I think that’s reasonable. I supposed I’d like the ability to block particular buyers. I don’t want to call them out publicly, but I’d like to close off their ability to order from me if I determine they are not worth the time.


I think once we start down that road, it will only end in tears for everyone.


Sorry buddy, but its been tried and shot down several times. You will not be allowed to name any names here so that defeats the purpose completely. Also buyers have no rating, so they are never hurt no matter how many negatives they get. The negative rating stays on your gig not with them, unlike Sellers where the rating is with you no matter how many gigs you create.

Also I would really like to know how you got CS to remove your thumbs down? That is something that has really frustrated me several times about CS. Whenever I complain about a ridiculous Thumbs down that I have received I get a couple of Form Letter responses “Try to work t out with the buyer because we cannot remove it unless they agree to it” OR “The buyer is entitled to their opinion and we cannot read their minds to know if they were maliciously or improperly given”. (You can read the negatives that I have received and they were all from either confusion, not following instructions or just extortion.) That type of BS response has frustrated me like crazy. I have had to deal with every single thumbs down on my own because CS has never helped me. Maybe they don’t like me because I don’t do artsy fartsy stuff. Yes, I know that I will never be featured or top rated, no problem for me. As long as I can do a job and do it in peace and keep a good rating, I am satisfied.


The fact is this.

Buyers are the life blood of Fiverr and anything really.

You can NOT allow sellers to rate buyers because once that starts happening, the buyers will vanish and Fiverr will be over.

Sellers need to remember that without buyers (Both the good and bad) there can be no sellers. Why? Nobody would be buying.

If a buyer feels like their purchase is going to be “Rated” then they aren’t going to buy. I wouldn’t. When it’s all said and done it’s my money on the line.

The option to give sellers feedback is a protection for the people who are actually spending their money.

This is one of the main reason a black list can’t happen.

And just for the record, one persons bad buyer is another persons great buyer.

If I was buying (And I do) and there was a chance to go on a “Black List” because I didn’t like the service I paid for… I just wouldn’t buy anything. And that’s why this won’t happen.

Buyers are the life of Fiverr.


Just wanted to chip in myself I know you have received lots of feedback from the community here but… I’m afraid my sentiments pretty much echo the posts above, I wouldn’t want to name and shame buyers, plus it’s against the forum rules to do so.


Never show a buyer with low rating :frowning:


The relationship is symbiotic. The buyer is not “more” important because they are spending. I think above all the system should be created to let credible users rise to the top.

As for buyers being rated, I think that’s how it works on eBay as well.

It’s important that the system is developed to be as fair as possible for all users buyers and sellers both. Both the buyers and sellers are integral and not one more than the other.

What’s that word they use to describe people forced into labor with no pay? Yes, people on both sides of a transaction ought have reasonable rights. A buyer can buy for something like a service, but a seller ought not be forced into selling a service for nothing! I think that the system will develop over time and work better for both buyers and sellers to make a more confident market environment on Fiverr.


@kuzzmedia - I disagree. The buyer is more important than the seller. Not just on Fiverr, but in life in general. If there is no buyer who can you sell to?

As for E-Bay, the buyers rating (Like on Fiverr) is limited. Very limited. It’s also E-Bays policy to side with the buyer, not the seller. Again, it’s because the buyer holds all the cards.

You need to realize that I’m not writing this because I like it. I’m a seller.

As for your comparison about forced labor… That doesn’t even make sense. The seller has a CHOICE to sell. There’s nothing forced here. Just as the buyer has a choice to buy.

As a seller, if you don’t like the pay you simply don’t sell. Nothing forced.

But the buyer ALWAYS has the upper hand. Go to your local McDonalds. Order a meal and open it up. Say something ridiculous like the fries are too short. They will give you a new meal for free. Why? Because you’re a buyer.


Reply to @beatcraigslist:

To be honest, I think part of the problem is that Customer Service allows bad ratings to be removed in the first place – It sets a precedent of sellers begging buyers to remove it and offering freebies, therefore the extortionate buyers will give you bad feedback in order to get free stuff.

I think a far better solution would be to allow some negative feedback, but weigh it in so that more recent feedback has more weight (I believe eBay does something similar), and also allow buyers to have a visible rating as well. (Again, this works fine for eBay.)

At the end of the day, I think the design of fiverr (even down to annoying things like the tiny message boxes) is not suited for people to take it seriously, and they want to keep it “fun” and amateurish. – At least that’s the outcome of their design.


@xanderthegreat - The rating system for buyers on E-Bay is pretty much the same as it is here on Fiverr.

Ebay - Positive, neutral, negative.

Fiverr - Positive thumb, Negative thumb.

Ebay - Leave a comment.

Fiverr - Leave a comment.

So the only real difference is that on E-Bay there’s a neutral button. That’s it. So they’re just as professional as Fiverr.


The Neutral button is evident by it’s non-existence. NO rating means nothing bad. Nothing good.


Reply to @vpix360: I dont like the NO response because it counts against you in the averages and users can always come back later and use it for leverage.


Interesting observations by many of you.

I thank you all for opposite thinking and others who seem to have different sentiments on this somewhat controversial subject.

Nonetheless, you cannot let FEAR drive your behavior for lack of diminishing sales. We’re adults here. Not adolescents.

The fact remains, a level playing field with the same rules has to apply to BOTH Buyers and Sellers.

Otherwise, rules will enable a handful of Bad Buyers to play “bullies,” taking advantage of Sellers whenever it suits them.

It’s wrong. It’s deplorable. It’s unnecessary.

By giving the ability to Buyers to RATE Sellers and filter them by ratings – but NOT giving Sellers the same tools to rate their Buyers as Good, Bad or Wacked, is totally unfair.

We all need to play by the same rules. Or we simply just don’t play together at all.

When you let psycho Buyers rate Sellers and you then deny Sellers the right to search on the rankings that other Sellers gave them… then Fiverr stacks the decks in the Buyer’s favor. We’ll never know if the Buyer is a good buyer or just another bad reject from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

We’re the ones making Fiverr revenue. And once you get to TOP SELLER, there should be some more tools we have to see Buyer ratings.

FACT: If there were no Sellers on Fiverr, it follows there would be no Buyers.

I’ve had 3 crazy sellers and one of them was really “wacked” as evidenced the Prozac truck failed to show up for them on day, and it was my turn to be abused on-line.

Granted, 3 bad ones out of more than 330 GOOD Buyers is not a bad average.

But my point is, why can’t we search on the ratings of a Buyer so I can if they are a psycho or not?

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Arsenio Hall… are you out there? Maybe you can bring me on your show when you come back and we can discuss this one.


I have always found Fiverr to be fair and in the unlikely event someone is bullying, you could reach out to customer support.


@vpix360 - I understand your sentiments. But, like I said, the buyer is always favored.

Fair or not it’s just the way it is and it’s also the way it has to be.

Having to “Brown nose” the buyer is the means in which services and business get better at what they do. Customer service/care and a good product/service would never exist if the buyer was favored over the seller. How could it? Why would the seller strive to be better if they knew the playing field was level?

It’s a sad thought but it is the way it is. No amount of complaining will change that.

And, like I said, not just on Fiverr but everywhere in the world. That’s where the money back guarantee comes in. Or the "We won’t stop till your satisfied."

This point/topic is a topic for the world trade industry in general, not just Fiverr.

It is what it is. No buyer, no seller. And the playing field can’t be level or the seller won’t strive to become better.

Oh, and a few more points, just to amuse…

  • @vpix360- Actually, I would guess at least half of Fiverr buyers/sellers are adolescents.
  • And for everyone. There IS a rating system to rate buyers with a thumbs up or thumbs down. But aside being there it doesn’t really do much.


Reply to @arnevb: No, I agree this does not happen, but I have been in many stores where they post a sign that says “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we choose”. So even in the real world there are buyers that we do not want to deal with.


Actually - for the buyer Fiverr is often more like a store where you ask for a particular item (say a pack of Hershey bars), and assistant takes your five dollars, puts it in the till presses the “Sale” button and moves on to the next customer. When you ask about where the Hershey bars are (you haven’t been given any) you are told - “I am sorry but the order will not be cancelled. This is an issue that you and the Hershey corporation will need to resolve mutually. We will not intervene on this order”.

Over the years I spent thousands of dollars on Rentacoder and I understand put quite a few coders through college and on to great jobs with references from me. I can’t see that happening with Fiverr even if some sellers end up getting hundreds of dollars from me.


Some interesting points… My opinion would be to show buyer ratings and comments. That way we can see a little bit more about the user and their history on fiverr. Some buyers do put in a lot of work, only to deal with a buyer who may have malicious intents.

So what if they had a ‘reject’ button for sellers. So for instance, a buyer would purchase the gig. Then as a seller, we could review the buyer’s score as well as comments. If they have a history with bad comments and a low rating, then I could potentially see a red flag in advance and decide before any money / time is wasted, we could reject the buyer and then then that would cancel out the order. Also, if that were to happen, rejecting a buyer should have no influence with your account. This, is just my two cents…

However in the meantime, your best bet is to protect yourselves as a seller. By that, i mean making sure you have everything described everything in your gig description. Also to be as courteous as possible and try and resolve all issues with the buyer as I’m pretty sure fiverr doesn’t like to get in the middle of problems that could be worked out by both parties.


I was and I’m abused by many sellers who are looking for free work, and after I delivered the work they request refund because they invoke reasons that aren’t mentioned in my gig’s description. I wrote for several times to Fiverr Support, but I’ve got just answers like “we’ll monitor the behavior of this buyer” (but my work was done for free - else I could get a negative review).

We shoud have the right to reject some orders, and the buyers to have a rating score.