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The unsolvable problem? "OH NO"

I see a lot of people that got a problem when try to pay with credit card, a message with “oh no” appears and can’t pay, but, why am I making this article again? repost? NO , nobody answer anything of how they fix it! I wan’t to know and when if solved in comments all the future people with this problem can read it here.

None of us can help you with payment problems I’m afraid.

If you have a problem with paying, then I’m sure Customer Services will be able to help you.


I understand that, but theres a guy that says that using the cart instead the checkout button fix it (I try it but nope) and I know some people creates a similar post here but they didn’t say anything. I just want a “the customer service fix it for me, I say blablabla and they do blablabla” experience

Nope - you’ve lost me,sorry.

If there’s a problem with a payment, there isn’t anything a buyer or seller can do - it’s got to go through CS.


You’ve lost me on this one, too :confused: I don’t understand what you tried to say…

Anyway, try doing what @offlinehelpers advised you to do, that’s the only way to get a technical problem fixed.

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Offline helpers said it all!


its ok, now help me how I delete this

@eoinfinnegan the OP’s question has been resolved.

@eoinfinnegan is taped to the ceiling.


Closed due to resolution of problem.