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The user account you are looking for is no longer available. [Resolved]

Can Anyone tell why this appears on my account at top “The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”

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Your account is available and that notice is not at the top.

However if you mean when you look at someone else’s account it means that user is no longer on fiverr for some reason.

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If it’s when you’re trying to click into a message, it’s probably because the user has either reported you or that user has been banned from the website and their account has been deleted. I’m not sure which, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of those.


Today I face the same notice. Then I refresh the browser and see that the notice is gone. Why did this notice come :question: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same thing happened with me last night. I can login to my account and my impression+ clicks are rising too. But last night for a 5/6 second that popup showed on the top. Now I don’t see this.
I was so scared.