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The user account you are looking is no longer available

It’s a bug. Refresh your page.

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There is no point in repeating the previous answer.

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Fiverr is upgrading the website. You can check the Analytics page and you will notice they push new changes. I think this is just a bug and it will go away sooner.

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This is also showing in my account.

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I’ve got the same message but after refreshing it disappears

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Thank you so much for your great answer!

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Can you check my profile please? I’m seeing the same notification more times. But after refreshing, I don’t see it. From many days, I’ve seen this notification sometimes. I’m afraid about my account. Please help me.

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It came to me too…

See my post above linking to another topic.

It is happening to most if not everyone.

It comes and goes.

Refresh the page and don’t worry about it.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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Thanks a lot. I saw it’s a bug, but it was happening more time with me. That’s why, I was afraid. I feel cool now. Thanks again.

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This problem is also mine but why

It is a bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

ok :heart: :heart: :heart:

It’s a bug. I have also got this problem last day

yes, It’s also showing to me when I visited your account. Might be this is a bug.

It’s yet another visual glitch. I’ve seen it multiple times on my profile as well.