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The user account your are looking for is no longer available?

Fiverr showing me this on the top of my page.
“The user account you are looking for is no longer available” But my gigs are active and everything is fine.

You are about the 100th person to post this on the Forum this week.

It’s a bug.

Refresh your page.

It will be gone like magic.

You’re welcome.


Yeah, but it’s actually a bug from months ago. They never completely solved it. I am used to seeing it for months.
Also when the gig analytics were disabled, they said there was an issue and we would see them as soon as possible. The reality was pretty obvious that they simply lost all the data related to impressions, views, clicks etc, so they were waiting 2 months to recollect some info.
I am pretty sure the team is aware of the current bugs, but for sure it will require time to solve them and to properly visualize them due to the caching.