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The user "Fragglesrock" that selling 5 beats for 5 $ sending the same beats to everyone

here is my conversation with him before i ordered the gig:

me:"look,how can i know it’s your beats and i won’t hear them anywhere else?"

Fragglesrock:"I made em,and I don’t send the same beats out twice"

and i was ordered 10 beats…and my brother allready got them…all of 'em…

and i will stop work with fiverr because of this…i can buy better,original,and the most important…exclusive beats from other sites…watch out from this dude…

[Sheriff’s note: Please try not to call out other users. Thank You :slight_smile: ]

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Sad to hear!
If you want some beats that are 100% original and are not going to be sent to anyone else, check out my gig;)

Closed as this post is five years old and it seems like inflation has really hit the beats market as it went from 5 for $5 to 1 for $30.