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The user is no longer an active user .... Fiverr cancel order and refund buyer!

Hello Fiverr Community, There is a very frequent scam going on Fiverr customers, they make order, and on middle/end of the order they cancel the account… and this action for Fiverr get into this Policies:

  • The user is no longer an active Fiverr user due to Terms of Service violations or closure of their account.

Fiverr cancel the order and refund the amount to clients! So, If your service is something you will give upon delivery then you are in luck and shouldn’t be in danger, but if you have a promotion service where the promotion service is started and completed and only then will you make the delivery, you are in danger!

We have had several customers who are doing this, now we would like to ask the Fiverr team to be able to delete this policy, because if the customer cancels from Fiverr for any reason we believe that the money must still be given to the seller and a part to fiverr, what do you think about it ?


When you get this message it is because the user has done a PayPal chargeback and the buyer has effectively scammed both Fiverr and other sellers besides you.

No, they did not. Paypal did a chargeback and Fiverr did not get any money for the transaction!

Then you are being scammed by several different buyers.

Fiverr is not going to delete the policy. However, I have read that many sellers have received partial payment from Fiverr.

I think that Fiverr is doing the best they can to deal with the scam buyers. Plus, it seems they are giving some buyers a partial refund. Perhaps you could contact Fiverr to see if you are eligible for a refund.


I have contacted Fiverr team and they dont give me partial refund… very sad

I am sorry to hear that.

i can not find my original payment order from july and the guy who i paid 300 dollars too has not done any work or shown me any work and requested 200 more dollars today i need to ask fiverr for a refund