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The user name can be changed?

I register fiverr yesterday, and just now, I find my user name is not what I want, so is there any way to change my user name? or who can tell me whether the user name can be changed? Thank you very much.

If you are planning to sell, hold off on creating any gigs so you don’t have to re-do them. Just contact Fiverr Customer Support, tell them that you don’t care for your username and ask them to close your account so you can make a new one. Once your old account is closed you can just make a new one with the name you prefer. It’s a bit of a workaround but I think that is the best way until they make usernames editable. Welcome to Fiverr!

Thank you for your suggestion. I am a buyer on fiverr, and I do not want to close my account at this time. but anyway, thank you very much.

No problem. It doesn’t hurt to ask CS if they have changed the process but that’s the most recent info I have. Happy buying!

Reply to @fonthaunt: I am just a new comer here, so I do not know clear the rules, I see people in this circle are talking about

gigs, what is gigs? it is just like a coupon? I feel comfused, if I am so honored to alknowlege it, that will be high appreciated.Thank you in advance.

Reply to @zitrades: gigs can be consider as portfolio or the examples of service provide by the seller also expose the skills of seller .

The services a seller is offering to you buyer is called gig. When you order a gig it is win-win situation, you get a good service (gig) and the seller get paid both parties win. fiverr also get their own share.

Reply to @samad_designs: Ok, I get it, by the way, the gigs are these seller owns, how about buyers?

Reply to @timelyservices: Thank you very much. Are you a seller or buyer? I am a buyer who is looking for someone to write

reviews for me. :))

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What is YELP reivew means? who can tell me? I guss it may mean fake reivew? Thank you in advance, forgive my ignorant.

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