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The usual gigs on Fiverr.. DONE MUSLIM-STYLE

Hello there! Or as the Muslims say, As Salaam Alaykum (peace be upon you)!

I am the only user on Fiverr who is directly promoting the work of a Muslim. I’ll put on my favorite Muslim garb and hold up your message on a paper, or make a 30 second video testimonial for you in my special clothing. It’s a surefire way to grab your audience’s attention because not many people see a Muslim man advertised: people’s curiosities are usually readily stimulated. I can give you any expression you would like to see! I’m knowledgable on Islam and the Muslim world, and can write quality articles for you on those topics, and any topics in between.

–> I WILL…

Hold your sign wearing my Muslim clothes!

Do a 30 sec video testimonial in Muslim clothing!

Answer your top 10 questions about Islam!

Draw some amazing Islamic artwork for you!

Write a 250 word article on an Islamic subject!

Send a PDF translation of Koran in any language!

–> I don’t think I told you that this brotha is also a skilled photographer and poet?

I’ll critique your photography, give you 5 tips!

I’ll write a poem of less than 70 lines in any style!

I’ll send you mail that will make you smile ear to ear!

I’m quite new to Fiverr, but I can deliver some quality work folks. I currently attend a big state school in the US and wouldn’t mind making a quick buck to alleviate some student loan debts, and putting a smile on your face in the meantime!