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The utter annoyance of


When someone orders, and before you even start - a “dispute” pops up, and the buyer says “I thought… blah blah blah… sorry I don’t want your service” -

The “I thought” was because they neglected to READ the gig specifications… then AFTER they ordered DID, and subsequently wants to cancel… because THEY ordered the wrong thing.

How this can be twisted into being a seller’s fault, and negatively affecting a seller in any way, is completely beyond me. Who decided that was okay?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::expressionless:

This kinda thing jumps my stress level from 0 ----------> 100, now because of these new eligibility requirements. SMDH.

RANT over.


I had a buyer purchase 3 large orders in a row because he couldn’t tell that the order went through and then cancel two of them. It was $200 worth of cancellations.


:dizzy_face:!!! OMG! Yikes…

That’s what I’m saying… they need to re-think some of these new criteria because there are too many situations out of the seller’s control, that cause cancellations…

Do you even bother asking CS if they can do anything about that - as far as it affecting your status?