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The ^, <, v Game 🥳 🤡 😎

^ – I have. In fact, I’ve even ice skated on the same ice that trained Olympic speed-skating gold medal athletes. :slight_smile:

< – I am a grown-up, and I still play with (and collect) LEGO.

v – I wonder what this person’s favorite toy was as a kid?


^ Looooooooved LEGO. In fact I’m a grown @$$ adult myself and I haven’t played with them in a long time, but if you gave me a box of LEGOs…I’m pretty sure I’d start going crazy with them :stuck_out_tongue:

< Speaking of Olympics, I know the Olympics are going to be held in Tokyo in 2020, but sadly I’m in the minority…NOT looking forward to it at all. I’m just that type of person who has zero ( in fact minus) interest in anything that is sports related. :persevere:

v I had some almond cookies for my afternoon snack today. What did you eat?


^ i don’t know any other memorizing posts so um enjoying urs one now :grinning:
< hidden in the room and using laptop bcx i don’t wanna do home stuffs now :grinning:
v wondering for the players :smiley::yum:


^ just discovered a fun poll : )
< I draw for fun!
v have a nice day!!!


^ Thanks @coolmn884. You and everybody else have a nice day too :blush:
< I’m tired. Been proofreading for the last 7 hours and also had to make dinner :tired_face:
v Wondering who will be the next to stop by… :thinking:

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^ Surprise! I am the next one to stop by.

I had tortilla chips with a bit of salsa.

< I did not proofread for seven hours like @maitasun, but I did proofread. :wink: I also cleaned my :house:


My favorite toy as a child was the family set of Legos. I spent hours building things with my siblings.
v I wonder what the next person’s favorite holiday is.


^ Tortilla chips sound soooo good! I’ve never tried salsa before, which is shocking!
< I loved playing legos too as a kid. It was my fav. Thing to do in kindergarten!
v and hmm… there are fun holidays that I cant choose, so maybe I’ll go for the summar holiday? If that’s a thing, ha ha!

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^ You remind me, my childhood where now i have no time to play.
< Currently I’m doing a new software for one of my client.
v No one will have a post under them when they initially type a post. I would love to edit this once i have someone posted below. :joy:

UPDATE : v Understood. :joy::heart:


^ It’s easy — Just use predictive text :smiley:
< Apprehensive about opening up gigs again, took a break from Fiverr and raised my Rover game.
v Wow, do you tell everyone your darkest secrets?


^hehe, no. I tend to keep things to myself but I love listening to others.
< I feel like I’m being baked in an oven even though summer has just started. 34°C! No joke. :sweat:
v I hope the next person is from somewhere cold.


^ Not cold but currently it’s day two of coolness with nice breezes.
< Finally got the gardens going and am working on task lists.
v Wonder what the next person’s garden is like?


^ I am a terrible gardener, Which brings shame and despair to my mother-in-law.:laughing:
< Even though its late here and my bed is cozy, I’m going to get up to work on an order so I can get it off my mind.
:arrow_down:I wonder if the next person works better at night or if they prefer to start fresh in the morning?

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