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The "Vacation mode" term could make some misunderstanding between buyers-sellers

So earlier this week I got a number of orders that made me activate the vacation mode to prevent possible incoming orders that could mess my current delivery schedule. When I was working on the orders and multitasks, one of my clients sent me a message. He complained that why I’m on vacation. He typed it angrily until I explained it to him and he finally understood that actually the seller’s vacation mode is not always about taking a vacation/ holiday. It can mean the seller is busy and overbooked. Of course he should know it because I have set the “overbooked” reason on it and I have no idea why he didn’t see this notification.
Actually this is not my first experience. Some few months ago had a similiar experience.

Do you think should we change the “Vacation” term into something that is more general? Then under that there should be the reason of this “taking a break mode”, such as “on vacation”, “overbooked”, etc. How do you think? I’d happy to hear your opinions and your ideas.

Thanks and cheers!


Ps. Sorry about my English. It’s not my native language. I tried my best to write it :slight_smile:

We could have options such as “in the hospital”, “having breakdown”, “too many orders” “helping my family” "being lazy"
Why would a client be mad that you are on vacation?

I’ve had a similar experience before, for some reason some buyers think we sellers have NO life at all, and we will always be there for them no matter what, eager to work on every single gig and forget about life outside Fiverr!!! :smiley:

Only an obtuse, evil client would make a fuss about vacation. Only a brown blot on the tissue paper of life would be absurdly emotional that someone couldn’t do something now because of a personal crisis (health scare/family death/random act of nature etc).

Personally, I think it speaks volumes about your buyer that they got ANGRY before you’d even explained. What a d-bag. I would have been tempted to cancel the gig after explaining just to teach him a petty lesson and really give him something to get mad about, but that’s just me.

There is no need to work for angry hostile people.

I don’t–the only ones who get snippy with me are either already angry and pre-rejected, or angry after the work and angling for their $ back. I’ve never lost a CS dispute against them. I’ve never taken vacation mode so I’ve never had this issue, so my suggestion above was more a WWJD kinda thing, with me replacing the big cheesemaker.

They get even more angry when I tell them I can’t work for them.

I’ve had some buyers who were frustrated that I wasn’t available, but I never apologize for my boundaries and the time I take off each week. Part of the reason I rarely ever get these kinds of buyers is because I state in my business policies (a PDF file in my preview gallery) that I do sometimes take up to 24 hours for delivery. The few times anybody’s complained, I remind them about my business policies and that I instructed them to read that document at the time they placed their order.