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The videos gone from search page after make a change on description, how to get my gigs back on search page?


Hi,greetings for everyone . I just meet a problem , more than 10 of my gigs not found on fiverr search after i make a sentence change on description . before that ,when search on keyword " dance" i have at lest 6 gigs show on the first page ,but now all is gone ,even not found them on any page ,i had already send message to CS ,still no answer . just want to know anyone meet this problem before and how long takes it for fix ? because of this problem my sell gos down because buyer can not find me … .:laughing::laughing:


Every time you click on “Edit gig” it will disappear until the review Team checks the gig, it will appear again within 48hrs.


For me, it used to be within the 48 hours, but usually it takes longer lately; it was something around 4-5 days 2 times and currently I´m on day 7, I think, since my last edit, so I´ll have to send a ticket to CS soon, but you did that already, so you can´t do much more than update your ticket if they won´t reply.


:grinning:thanks for your reply ,now i understand .


:grin::grin:Thanks for your reply,i wish they can work it fast ,i make too many gigs change .:rofl:


Yes, me too, though I try to not make changes too often/collect changes since it takes so long that mine reappear.


so the worker is nearly delete all my change gig … how surprised me they work like this … !



Oh. Did they give any reason? I finally sent a ticket last night after 7 full days of not having my gig showing, no reply yet, hope they just need to nudge it out of edit limbo.


only because in some gigs i use same images ,but not on videos, all the videos is different style of dance .the images was showing buyer what kind of dance outfit i had and it useful for all my dance gig . im sad that they work like this way ,if they try to understand my gig or my work , they should be know it’s a good plan … also because im in china can not use youtube ,so all the videos on fiverr is helping buyer to see different dance style of me .

well ,anyway i get to make some new gigs to upload again when i have a time , takes me a lot of time . and im so bad luck because of change one sentence description and than getting a lot of my best seller gigs removed away and lost buyer …:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Ah, yes, same gig images aren´t allowed and selling the basically same thing in different gigs either, the latter, of course, is open to interpretation.