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The view count bug is hurting sellers. Here's why!


Hi guys,

This is about the view counts of our gigs, as far as we know it’s not updating properly since almost a week or two. I have contacted the customer service and I have received the reply that the view count is indeed not working properly now.

The important questions I have right now is that, when will this be fixed? Will the view count be updating once a week or month, or is this thing going on only few of us, not all of us. Or is this occurring massively? What is the effort taken to fix this issue, why is there no announcement whatsoever?

Because in my humble opinion, it’s hurting sellers so much! For both experienced sellers and mostly for newcomers.

This is a big deal.

How do you tell if your keywords are optimized if you cannot check the views?

Not only the sellers but this is hurting fiverr as well, if we sellers cannot check views how are we supposed to check the efficiency of our promotion? We cannot be sure if we successfully bring traffic into fiverr or not! This de-motivates sellers in terms on promoting and optimizing our gigs. Simply we are blind right now.

I cannot count my conversion rate or my gigs efficiency with only number of messages and orders. I need the view counts to analyze better. How many people saw my gigs, how many are interested. . It is so important to me I’m getting stressed. lol

What are your thoughts?


To be honest with you I never paid attention to the view count :frowning:


View count could be helpful in analytics, IF it recorded the source of the view. Other than that, it’s pretty much just a number, even in real time count spikes, you’d have no idea what inspired a bunch of new viewers without a source.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Which is why I decided to bring this up! Sellers seems to not be bothered by it.

If you are selling very well, yes there is no point to count and check them, but for starters I think it is very important.


Reply to @crcanny: How is it not helpful…

If there are a lot of views but not much buyers you can pull out conclusion such as you promoted your gig well but it’s not selling because there is something wrong with your service. Or that people managed to view your gigs but turned elsewhere.

If there are no view count feature how can you tell you succeed in driving traffic to your gig (and fiverr)? How do you tell if they managed to view your gigs but turned onto other gigs. There are many conclusions you can tell using that view counts, it is essentials as it helps newcomer so much.


Reply to @hellographic: Or, it’s your own views (I wouldn’t put it past Fiverr software not to weed those out.). Or it’s the views of some random website that used your gig as a talking point in a critical review of Fiverr in general and no one viewing ever intended to buy anything from you, which you’d see was obvious if you could track the source of the hits. Or it’s someone’s cat hitting F5, your mother admiring your ingenuity or your spouse forcing their annoyed work mates to look at your gig to make you happy (this happens to me all the time, I assure you. :wink:

Not all traffic is equal. I maintain that you can’t extrapolate useful information from view counts without a source link, but that’s just my opinion. Not that I’m saying it’s not nice to have and interesting to see, but I personally find no use in it.


Reply to @crcanny: Thank you for your opinion maam. Hmmmm… Maybe it was just me overthinking the possibilites, but If there is no use to it why would it be coded from the beginning I wonder.

I still think, in my opinion that at least the view count encourages people in some way. And me being naive, I think anyone even people without intention to buy the gig, might just need your help and bought the gig if they are interested, after visiting the gig and knowing about it.


Well i really think that the view count is a serious problem. If the view count suggests that more people are viewing my gig and still i don’t get any orders then the problem is with my gig and it might not be unique enough. But if there are no views or less views then probably i have to think of promoting my gigs. And also it would help me understand if my gig has a good conversion rate so it would probably be a huge help.

Just my opinion and i am new to Fiverr so i would be depending more on view counts as an important statistic.


My view count works… says I have over 10k views with 1.2 sales :slight_smile: I’m rolling in the dough baby


I agree with you that it would be helpful if the gig counter were working. I like to get an idea of when my social media promos are working, etc; some of these I can track externally, but some I can’t. And as you say, it’s good to be able to see which keywords result in more views.


Reply to @bachas85: See this is the problem with Fiverr cops. No sense of humor. I know it’s broken, nothing on this site works right. Cept me… I’m workin just fine


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Reply to @vedmak: See I knew you would come around! You are finding out Fiverr is a wheel without any spokes. One day it’s all going to break


It’s more than just the view counter. On the forum, on the the rare occasions when the “New Posts” labels appear in the thread listings, the count is always 1 + the total number of posts in the thread not just new posts. I have complained before about getting “timed out” after refreshing pages and having to wait 10 minutes or more to re-access That and all the other issues that I read about on the forums does not provide for a happy experience…for me anyway


In my opinion this bug is really important and it should be fixed asap.

I need to know when I start a new Gig if it’s worth to spend my time promoting it or not.


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Reply to @vedmak: Yeah, When you love something your easily digusted when the sites owners don’t love it too. Me I don’t take it to personally… I’ll make my money anyway. I think I make enough on fiverr to purchase a snowcone every third thursday of the month.

Did you see the envato blog post where a couple has sold over a million dollars on their marketplace? Niceee

vedmak said: Considering that it looks like entire Administration is 5 people that don't seem to know what others are doing and don't talk to each other, and main concern seems to be censoring free speech and not improving workplace, I am redirecting most of my free time away from Fiverr.

Yeah, what you said.


I reported page views as broken over a month ago also. Not sure how it effects ranking but from the point of view of gaging how popular your gig is verse sales. i think its very important! Hope it get fixed asap!


Yeah mine is not working too and also the count of active gigs is not working…it says 4 active gigs even I have more gigs than 4:)

I don’t know what is going on with Fiverr these days… :slight_smile:

Why so faults? :-q