The views in Forum increase your gig views?


The people see posts in forum can it increase your gig views?


I’ve bought a couple of things from people here. So yes, it could help.

A lot of forum regulars happen to be very successful sellers, perhaps incidentally, but maybe in part because of tips they picked up here. My first week in the forum, I was exposed to some ideas by blaisefaint which I am certain led to me going full-time at this a month later.


Sir give me tips please…


Increase but no significantly…


It can, but if you become one of those who join the forum just because of this and comment for the mere sake of commenting, people will avoid you and your gigs like the plague.


It can help, definitely. Some people are curious about what we sell, and do visit our profiles.


from what I see in my first steps on fiverr, the key factor is about creating a gig , being patient, using your content to a better SEO and struggling till you get your first order.then things get improved :slight_smile:


what is views without job offers? Really. I can be in meetings all day but if I did not move anything. Hence do some work.
How can I say that im pushing in a forward direction?

I would think the reviews are the best as they tell the truth about your work. right.


Its completely 1000% right.

Forum views are genuine views because if members click on your profile and view your GIG that’s great for you because these views are register members of fiverr.

So be a always part of forum.


Yes, in part. The best way to “tell the truth about your work”, is to show samples of your work in your gig gallery. People are visual. They want to SEE what you can do for them.