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The waiting period is too long for funds to be cleared?

Why is it that we have to wait so long for our funds to be cleared???

I suggest Fiverr review that part and see if there is a way that sellers can get their money faster once the order is complete.

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Because it’s written in the Terms of Service, to which you agreed upon creating your account.

They already made this happen - only TRS sellers have 7-day period clearance. So all you need to do is move up the hierarchy by doing a great job and becoming popular/reputable.


I know I agreed to it. But now it seems ridiculous waiting almost 3 weeks to get your money that you worked so hard for.

Buyers requests seem to be approved quickly.

You do your job quickly. Yet still if your buyer does not come online to receive your delivery instantly, you have to wait 3 days for the order to be marked complete, then wait almost 3 weeks to get access to your money.

If you have a regular job, you wait for a month to get your salary (unless you work at McDonald’s). If you get a job in a company, would you demand to be paid after you complete each task?


I get paid biweekly. So I don’t think my side hustle should have me waiting so long.

14 days is NOT three weeks. :wink:


It is almost 3 weeks

I know it’s a long time since I went to school but 14 days was 2 weeks then, and I think it still is. :wink:

14 days plus another 3 is 17 days, which is still closer to 2 weeks than 3.


No, not even close. One week is 7 days. Two weeks are 14 days. Three weeks are 21 days. Sellers (unless you’re a TRS) get paid in 14 days. 14 days are two weeks.


Posting here won’t change the agreement we all make when we sign up.

At first you wait, but after you do enough jobs it becomes a non-issue, as you have money available from jobs you did a couple weeks ago.

Either work hard to get more jobs happening, or find a different side hustle. We are all in the same boat. Once you grow enough, help enough people (complete enough jobs), then everyday some will clear, from work you did a couple weeks ago.

Note half my buyers approve the job the same day I submit it. It’s a matter of doing enough on Fiverr to have it all working for you. Among the other half, some just let it confirm three days later, some confirm before it does automatically.

Again, the other option is doing something else if that’s a better deal for you.


Fiverr do the hold to avoid chargebacks, because in most cases if a chargeback wasn’t made in 14 days, it probably won’t be made.

In most cases I’ve heard, including myself, chargebacks are often initiated after several months since delivery… so I don’t think the 14 days has something to do with that considering that buyers are allowed to perform a chargeback up to 6 months if I remember correctly from PayPal.

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The hold is imposed by Fiverr, not Paypal, so that is why it is possible that Fiverr could reduce the hold time for TRS

Yes, by all means, tell them. Great idea.


I don’t know if it works the same way in your country but in real life (at least in my country) when you go to REAL work (I mean, to an office) you have to wait 15 days to get paid half of your total salary, so you can see Fiverr that way.

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