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The "watch me steal" your work clown tactic on Fiverr

They usually get away with this in Buyer requests. So I send them their audio “demo” of the script they are looking for in Buyer requests. Usually the way I send it in buyer requests is uploading it to Google Drive and provide a link. If I’m in my studios I always provide a partial demo. Here’s a fun little way they try to trick you. You send them the link in Buyer requests and they pretend they don’t see it. Hey I never received the sample of the script. Alright I’ll send you the partial demo again. If I’m at my computer they will say yes could you record the whole script with more energy just so I can see how it sounds. Now when I’m not at my studio I record something on my MAC which is not digital quality. They will want another reading of the script with digital quality. At this point they have enough to determine if I’m the one they want or not. More recordings only gives them the opportunity to steal your work. The last part of my conversation ended with me saying…You’ve got enough information to determine if I’m your guy or not…I was born but it wasn’t yesterday

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If it was me, I wouldn’t record anything extra - a sample is a sample, if they don’t like it or demand something else, I’m not their guy.

I mean, why would anyone make custom samples? That defies the purpose of a sample in my opinion, and just opens the door to potential scammers.


It sounds like you are doing a complete job for no pay, regardless of whether or not they end up becoming a client.