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What should I do to improve my Gig’s Standard pricing as a Seller?


Hi there!

I moved your topic into a better category so you might get some more help.

Have you followed all the advice you got here?

Good luck!


Your pricing looks pretty good to me.

I am a bit confused by your gig description picture. It seems rather negative - as a woman, I’m not sure if I understand the meaning: The Better Wife, etc.

Not to be harsh, but if you have to explain it, that means others are also turned off by it. I suggest changing your picture to something more inspirational and uplifting


Thanks. I do appreciate your prompt response and help.


Thanks a lot.
The eBook is titled ‘The Winning Wife’ - it is written to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate wives (Women) who had done so much in their homes, society and nation.


You’re probably not the target audience. There are tons of books on topics like that. My wife would buy one - and has.


Thanks a lot. The book is not the better wife, but The Winning Wife - written to appreciate wives.