The watermark feature - issues with the mobile app


So when we deliver our work, it’s usually watermarked prior to the buyer accepting and completing the order.

However, the watermark doesn’t appear if the buyer checks their order from Fiverr’s mobile app, so they can get the work without any problem and without accepting/completing the order.
I wonder if this will be implemented in the app soon, I’ve noticed it happening several times.

Can’t speak for the other categories besides mine where the order is an image though.
Does anyone have any experience with this?

Wahoooo! Watermark even in Order Page

Hi Diana,
That’s quiet an interesting catch!
Have you tried this yourself? Do you have definitive proof of this happening?

Please share, as this is a indeed a very crucial thing for sellers involved in the media/graphics categories!


Yes, I agree it’s a crucial thing for sellers! I was wondering if other categories experienced this as well.

It happened to me with many, different buyers. For example, I delivered their order and when they wanted a modification, they would attach the finished work without the watermark in a message (with circled things that needed modification).

Or another example: I just delivered an order today and checked my buyer’s website - the image has just been uploaded there without the watermark. (the order is not accepted/not completed currently).

And another thing: if I check the order in the mobile app, there is no watermark on the delivered image - that’s why I deduced it’s a bug involving the app. The desktop is perfectly fine.


Ok, so if they are able to download a watermark-FREE image, are they getting the ORIGINAL resolution?

If so, then that IS a real doozy…:unamused:


Even if the resolution is low but seller should not have any option to download watermark free image …


@djgodknows @monika143

They are getting the original resolution.
I’m uploading 2 screenshots, one from how the order looks on the desktop and one from the mobile app.
The desktop is perfectly ok, the mobile is missing the watermark and it lets me download the images, full-res, without watermark.


Darn! This is noooo good!:fearful:


@djgodknows @dianagrigore
You are getting worried for nothing. That’s the new Delivery Comments feature that the buyer can use to point out the modifications needed. And no, the original image without watermarks is not given out for them, they will see the same watermarked image. (For that green dot thingy you are talking about)

For you being able to download the original images without watermarks in the app - That’s normal! The seller can download the original images anytime he/she wants. The buyer is not provided with the download option before completing the order.


Well, I’m not worried - but it is something worth pointing out :slight_smile:

That’s not the Delivery Comments feature, that’s the preview the buyer gets when the work is delivered.
I think you misunderstood a bit. I wasn’t referring to that, I was referring to the buyer actually sending a separate message in my inbox or in the order page (not by clicking on the “request modification button”) with the image attached, without watermark.

Either way, how would you explain the order not being completed and the buyer having the full-res image on their site without the watermark?


Can you show a screenshot where the buyer sent you the delivered image without clicking the Request Modification?


If the buyer gets the original image after getting the modification request button, it is still the matter of concern for the designers…as the order will be incomplete then and the buyer gets the original image…


I don’t thinks it’s true. The buyer won’t get the image(s) unless the order is completed.


Yes i think so because i have never gone through any such issue where buyer used my image without marking the order as complete…


@divyagoel @taverr
If it didn’t happen to you - yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Otherwise there was no point in wasting time with this topic.
I would have pasted the screenshots and links from the buyer’s website here so you can clearly see, but I don’t think such information is allowed.
There is one similar topic on this forum about this issue, made almost half a year ago.


Send us a screenshot of that.


@ dianagrigore…i never meant that this post doesn’t make any sense…i was just sharing my experience …I mostly deliver the images adding watermark on it by my own so these issue never arises,


Lady D,
You CAN post the information as long as the relevant party info is blanked out. :thumbsup:


@djgodknows Thank you very much! :thumbsup:
@divyagoel Sure, no problem. I just think it’s something that not many will notice or experience, especially those that do not deliver images.
@taverr Here is a screenshot (found the buyer on fb). As you can see, it’s not the preview - it’s the full-res image.




That is truly A BIG BUG :beetle: you found!!!

Now I am thinking whether this thread is a good thing, since it will educate any savvy buyer that they can circumvent by utilizing an APP. :fearful:

(Yes, honesty and integrity can exist in people, but if they could get away with it, murders can be easily committed as well!):syringe:


Please report this issue to customer support with all of your screenshots for proof if you haven’t already done so.