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The way to succeed in

Honesty is the best way to be the success. The world’s largest and most popular freelance marketplace is If you work with faith and honestly, you will definitely succeed.


Love your positivity. There are not enough honest people on Fiverr, so it’s great to meet another!


That’s a given though.


Not that simple IMO but that’s not a bad attitude.


1-Work hard
2-Try to get unique service if possible
3-Do every thing with excellent quality and customer satisfaction
4-Be consistent
5-Be good to customer.Be honest about your services


If you want to be successful in fiverr, there is one rule you should pay attention to: “The customer is always right.”


Fiverr.Com is a platform of successful stories.


The customer is not always right :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why we have customer service to resolve disputes.
(Although they are not always right either :slight_smile: )


On Fiverr the buyers are the customers of Fiverr. Then Fiverr is the customer of the sellers. If you remember that customer relation and do not confuse buyers as sellers’ customers, all things will work better. In the end, sellers answer TOS of Fiverr and get paid from Fiverr. The platform can remove sellers from buyer interactions if you violate their rules. Therefore buyers are not your customers but fiverr’s customers. Sellers have this indirect relation with buyers almost as consultants hired by Fiverr, but sellers do not acquire the buyers as customers. The buyers as Fiverr’s customers are shared access by all sellers including you and your competitors. So your competitors help you and you help your competitors all the time by adding more Fiverr customers to the platform. And a rogue seller hurts all of the sellers because they reduce the Fiverr customer loyalty.

I think people do get confused and direct their frustration in the wrong direction sometimes.

Compare this as if you are a teacher of elementary school. You interact with the kids all day but the parents are your customers, not the students. So your customer relation management should be between the teacher and the parents, not between the teacher and the student. Treating the students well, will help you to gain trust from customers, but it does not necessarily work that way. In reality sometimes being strict to students will improve your customer relationship.


That may be how things work where you are from, however, I, being the husband of a kindergarten teacher, disagree with you. In fact, I’m a little offended by your analogy. Elementary education is not a retail environment. There are no “customers”. It exists to teach students. That is their sole, and only reason for operating. They are non-profit entities. In fact, here in the USA, elementary education is required. You either attend a school, or (increasingly moreso in our modern environment), you can be home-schooled – but you MUST be educated according to educational standards at the elementary level.

In the public school system, there are districts. Children attend the schools in their districts. There are certainly private options, but those options usually align with a religious faith (which is important to many people), or are within an experimental environment.

Teachers are most certainly not sales associates selling education to parents. They are teaching children. Teachers certainly have to deal with parents, but their first duty is to the education of the child – first, foremost, and always. They are working to find the best educational processes, strategies, and environment for the educational well-being of the children entrusted to their care.


Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice.


Analyzing customer relationship is what they usually teach in business school, and the school teacher/parent relation is a normally used example to show the customer is not always the person the service provider interacts with. You can find it in many books and lectures. My comment was certainly not targeting US public schools in your district, it was meaningful to all other schools (public or private) in any countries to show a service provider should be be mindful to identify who the customer is to achieve customer satisfaction, which is certainly not a retail situation, beyond profit or money, but the overall message is the same, that to achieve customer satisfaction you first need to be mindful who the customer is.


this is the perfect plat form to show your talent and gain some extra knowledge…


great experience working at fiverr


You are right. Honesty is the key of success.



I think that you are using free stock image as your profile image?

Where is the HONESTY in you?

Here is the link of free stock image use have used as your profile

Sister, i can understand that if you are not allowed to use your personal images online as profile images, then please create a logo or monogram for your services. Use that for your profile.

Buyers want to see real faces or Our own Logo to represent ourselves. if we are using fake gig images and profile images, how can the buyers trust us or Fiverr?


We are not only sellers here, we are fiverr representatives and we have to be Trustworthy to all buyers.

Hope you can understand and use a logo or monogram rather than fake profile image.

Hope you can understand, BE HONEST TO YOU!


Is it “sister” or “brother”?

Good catch as usual @balubfa12 :smile: [By the way, how are you doing? Orders picking up? Blessings to your child]



Thanks Brother,

I am doing good. Getting orders and sufficient money for my family needs and my child’s therapy.

There is lot of improvement in my child’s learning process. Thanks so much for your caring.


Very good to know :grinning: