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The way to succeed in

Work hard and work smart! That’s more effective than anything.

Disagree. There are thousand of mischief buyers. (as well as mischief sellers)
They will threaten you to do more work! LOL :smiley:


Thank you, Andrea!

I get so annoyed when seller’s give this advice along with “buyer is king” - I mean, really? :roll_eyes:

Why don’t people give logical advice like, “treat people with respect or treat people the way you want to be treated,” or something along that line!

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There’s a quote says "Advice In public Is scandal! "

So, If you want to advice someone you wish him/her to be good one, don’t do this In public.

Simply just go to Inbox and told her that she can’t use a stock photo as a profile photo to be honest with buyers In fiverr.

Hope you all guys understand this!

Wish you all best luck


You only have the answer in your post "There’s a quote says "Advice In public Is scandal! "

So when you guys are not following TOS of fiverr and posting to others to be honest is funny. You also have FAKE profile image

Image link is here

I am not against to any sellers, but because of lot of fake profiles and stolen images and kept as their own work is not good for sellers and it is giving -ve impack to fiverr and other honest sellers.

So first change your profile image to your own image or a logo.


You don’t even know what about this Image and why I’m putting It on my profile, so before you judge on people ask them why!

LOL. What happened if they mark your messages as spam? Then you’re in trouble!


If it’s not you in the image, you shouldn’t use it as your profile picture on a platform where you wish to present yourself as a professional. In this case, your reasons don’t matter.


So now comes the monkey out of the sleeve!

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Thanks for your important commend. Carry on fiverr.

Thanks for your opinion.

Thank you very much. Carry on.

Yes is it. :slight_smile: :wink:

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yes its true


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@balubfa12 could You please find mine?

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