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The Website BROKEN, can't see any content

Why every page of the Fiverr website looked like this:

All the content is gone or hidden. The profile bar also disappeared.
All I can see are only the category bar and the footer.
I’ve tried on Chrome, Edge, and Opera and using VPN also, all the same. Not working.


Yes I am also having the same problem on website.

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Firefox ESR and Chromium on Linux from the Netherlands here, same problem. Content and menu bar appear for a split second, but then disappear. Disabling javascript prevents this from happening so it’s likely something on the client side?

Same problem here. Anyone know hoy to fix that?

Yes, they appear for a split second before disappear.

Disabling javascript keeps the content viewable but the features don’t work.

Same here. Messages not showing

Same here. Glad to know it isn’t just me.

Same problem here. message is not showing.

My issue is resolved automatically. Hope its resolved for others also.

luckily I haven’t fall this type of problem