The website features are not working properly since few days!


The website features are not working properly since few days! i am facing many problems using this please fix this ASAP! I can not communicate with my clients as i can not get their messages nor they are getting mine!

any one else having the same problem??
Help me with that please!


I recommend contacting customer support. Personally I’ve not had any issues and I haven’t seen that many on the forum, so it may be account specific.

Whilst the forum can help with certain things (such as advice, how-to’s etc), it’s not a replacement for support.



@tushar_usadadia1 @twistedweb123 I have faced the same problem today, buyers messages were unread and my reply was not being sent, it kept showing unread message again and again… After some minutes however my messages sent to client, but job was gone till then…


I had the same issue this morning. I will send a message but the buyer would never receive. However, I went away for an hour and came back and all was fixed. I hope it does not happen again or we may lose customers.


facing Same problem here.


All of those guys facing website specific problem, contact Support team at:

Select ‘Account support’ from drop down and then on the next page fill in the form correctly.
That’s all
Hope this helped.


Thank you all for giving me your Replies! :slight_smile: Hope the problems will be fixed soon!