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The woes of inbox and messaging on desktop

Hey all,

Of all the myriad problems with the inbox and messaging on desktop as a whole, the most annoying (at least right now) is that I have to delete a message from inbox several times to get it to stick.

Delete message from inbox - refresh inbox - check dashboard - message is still there - go back to inbox - delete message again - refresh inbox - rinse - lather - repeat.

I don’t think it’s a local caching issue because it’s happening on multiple computers with different browsers and operating systems. Also never happens on mobile, but the mobile vs desktop experience is so different in so many ways as to essentially feel like two completely different services.
Best part is, this convoluted process often triggers the good ol’ CAPTCHA screen, and then I waste the next several minutes picking out pictures of trains and bicycles.

Happens w/ Chrome on Win10 Pro, and Safari & Chrome both on Catalina.

Anyone else seeing this, or am I taking crazy pills? Any workarounds?


I use firefox … the only time I had any problems at all with Fiverr was with an extension it didn’t like. Try turning off add ons/extensions and see if things improve.

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Try turning off add ons/extensions and see if things improve.

Ahh, I guess it could be an ad blocker issue. Definitely not turning those off though, so maybe I can whitelist Fiverr(?)

The plot thickens…

Doesn’t seem to be an ad blocker - I have 3 of them running at any one time.

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