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The word "dear" is used too much

Is it just me or alot and alot and alot of sellers use the word “dear” too much. I mean its ridiculous, your probably laughing at how i’m getting worked up but it’s so annoying :joy:. Anyone finds it annoying like me?


We’ve had multiple discussions about the term “Dear” on the forum. Yes, I get annoyed, too.

Here’s one.

It’s a funny thread to read through. :grin:

I found another one. HAHAHAHA so yeah it’s an epidemic. Sir, Dear, Ma’am ugh!


Ah, I actually searched for other threads but didn’t find any…sorry.


I so want to reply “that’s okay dear”. But I won’t. It really is annoying isn’t?!

I think it’s mostly a simple misunderstanding of how to use / mangle the English language.

I genuinely find it annoying as well, but I accept that not everyone speaks fluent English.


The expression “a buyer knocked me” annoys me more.


It’s all good. :sunglasses:

I mean when I write letters, I sometimes start off with Dear, Jigsaw.
Writing it in a Hi, Dear form is awkward.
Anytime, I see that word, I cringe. I had a few people addressed me as hun recently. Eek!


it’s probably a cultural thing as well. as a transperson, being misgendered is most aggravating to say the least, but i accept it, whereas when someone from the local co op calls me sir i want to watch them bleed

besides, deers are nice


Better than saying “a buyer knocked me up”, I suppose.


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Those words are used on the Eastern of the globe. But We should avoid them and acting professionally (what’s acceptable for all the globe)

  • Using words like: Hey, hi, hello, good luck and have a good day…etc.
  • Calling others by theirs names or usernames.

Note: What’s ethical in a certain country maybe is unethical in other.


Indians speaks Hindi all the time…so I cant say they say “Dear” ,may be few or more have learnt that “Dear” thing from somewhere else and they start saying But yes, we call people SIR to show respect and some time to make phrase polite…

I found out that people around here on forum dont like to be called sir even if their profile pictures show they are SIR :smiley:
Not sure why but I have had a lots of client and they dont mind beig called sir and they used to call me sir even if I call them from their name…

calling some one from their name make conversation better but what if their user name is BANANAPANTS007 ?

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I guess so. All of the buyers who called me “dear” were from Pakistan.


that’s what i mean, and in the context of fiverr i don’t think it’s really anything to get bent out of shape about

It shouldn’t be used at all. It’s inappropriate in Canada. Kind of demeaning. If it is used, it would be used by a mother for her child.


@nikavoice - :face_vomiting:

In the north of England they used to call people “ducks” - particular to Lancashire, I think. That was a friend’s pet hate.

On occasion I may say something like “thanks, lovely” - but that’s only acceptable in London. Here in Glasgow it might get you a black eye …

Use people’s name, their handle … or nothing. “Honorifics” are not honourable in every culture.

Just fyi - “Dear” here in the UK was part of an extremely patronizing insurance advert catch phrase - “calm down dear”. Again :face_vomiting:


When someone calls me dear, I feel like the person is treating me like a child.

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@coerdelion I didn’t know you’re from the :uk: that’s pretty cool. Love the accent. Once a upon a time a :uk: dude addressed me as “Luv”. Of course, it didn’t bother me because we were friends.

LOL, I’ll swing by YT to see if I could find it. :smiley:

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that’s meant to be “doc”, but stylised as “du’” or “dot”, isn’t it?

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No. It’s a bird that swims. As in duck that says “quack”.


The notion that “dear” is somehow cultural and thus should be accommodated or accepted as a “sign of respect” is ridiculous. You don’t see slavs running around demanding everyone to use patronymic names just because for the larger part of us it’d be considered respectful.

Just drop it. You can drop “sir”, “dear”, “mam” and more importantly, “maaaam” and just go with “hello!”. It’s not that difficult.