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The word "death"

so basically i compose metal and i got a msg from a buyer, basically got 2 msgs blocked becouse i typed the word “death”… really? i compose death metal lol



I’m curious… how is this post a “Fiverr Site Suggestion”?

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Try (I don’t know if this actually works, I am trying to guess) to write the word between double quotes, like this: “death metal”.

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I don’t know if you mean you get that pop up warning you when you write the word death. I have a money spell and write the word “money” every day and get a red pop up warning but ignore it because I’m not doing anything wrong, just explaining my gig.

What do you mean the messages were blocked?


When you write a message that contains “word(s) that are not allowed” on Fiverr, the message gets blocked (i.e. it doesn’t get delivered to the intended recipient) until a Fiverr staff verifies the message to make sure that it’s not violating the ToS.

Only after the staff gives the “green signal” does the message get sent to the intended recipient. This verification (by Fiverr staff) step can take up to 24 hours.


Oh I didn’t know that thank you.

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well, it’s kind of annoying, i often feel very limited

If it’s needed for your gig(s), I expect that once Fiverr has accepted the flagged word a few times for the gig that it won’t get automatically re-flagged at some point (if Fiverr thinks is okay).


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And some people send death threats because they’re unhappy about something. That might be the reason why your messages get blocked until staff sees them (and sees that you’re a composer, not a wannabe murderer :slight_smile: or someone who should be removed from their keyboard ASAP).