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The word "ranked"

Can I just say that the misuse of the word rank and ranked on this forum, particularly among topics regarding new sellers is like coronavirus. You get rid of 1 another 2 appear.

It’s like a buzz word that keeps being repeated regardless of the issue in hand.

I am sick of hearing that word. Usually followed by either SEO and where has my gig gone? I feel like a missinformation and fact topic is needed so every time someone posts missinformation we can direct them to a fact checking list to debunk these Fiverr myths.


I agree.

The people who post such topics always totally misunderstand algorithms and how they work. Always. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve corrected them but they don’t listen. They just want to to tell them that there is this magic solution.

And none of the people who do this understand the ramifications of being a needle in a haystack. Many don’t even know they are. I have told people to research their competition and only create gigs with low competition but they won’t listen.

I dont know what to do anymore so I just muted the whole Improve My Gig section. There’s no point in my sharing advice if the people who need to read it never ever do.


I’m gonna write a book with actual methods to be a successful seller and debunking all this bogus advice. Let’s see how that sells.

(Oh, and btw, the preface will be - “If you’re a meksell, this book won’t work for you, don’t waste your time”).


Unfortunately your biggest market is people who wouldn’t buy it. Too much effort involved in the advice.

Unless you include a magic wand and put the word “Rank” all over the cover.


The answer is: nothing! There’s nothing to be done when dealing with a lost cause.

So, you just did the best thing to preserve your sanity! :wink:

And they never will. These people please themselves listening to mermaid songs.


Yep that’s what I concluded.

They don’t want real advice and they have no intention of putting real effort in.

They only come to the forum for confirmation bias: they want to hear that doing silly little tricks will land sales in their lap. And they want to complain here when that doesn’t work.

So helping them is futile.

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I’m not far off doing that myself soon.

I think the biggest example of all of this is the current topic about the N/A statistics. My word, some terrible advice and just factually incorrect statements being made left right and center.

OMG I know!

The perpetual rumour that the analytics display error supposedly affects the algorithm. It makes no sense at all and that’s not how it works. I got fed up trying to get people to understand that.

It’s just confirmation bias. They want someone to blame for their low rank. It’s big bad Fiverr’s fault.


Are Fiverr totally okay with people writing books about the site though? And would you need to get their permission seeing as the word “Fiverr” is trademarked (one site says “A trademark cannot be used for a commercial purpose without permission from the owner”)?

Or would it be okay with them (since they haven’t done anything about the existing books)?

I am sick of hearing that word. Usually followed by either SEO and where has my gig gone?

If it’s followed by “where has my gig gone” it’s and it’s position in the search results has fallen, it’s rank has dropped (though it could just be doing a gig rotation), so it’s more or less accurate I think. The Fiverr search algorithm ranks gigs for search words/phrases I think (like Google’s PageRank ranks web pages by how important it thinks they are, and so where to position them in the search results), where it puts the ones it thinks are best suited to the buyer for that search at that time at the top of the list.

I feel like a missinformation and fact topic is needed so every time someone posts missinformation we can direct them to a fact checking list to debunk these Fiverr myths.

We could redirect to a page with info about it, which did talk about what Fiverr has said publicly, including what they said about SEO for gigs/titles and that gigs rotate.

This is one thing Fiverr has said about ranking:

Using a consistent keyword in your Gig title, description and tags will help improve your search ranking on Fiverr…Use the repetition of keywords to your advantage.

There are already a load of apps that claim to help sellers “do better on Fiverr”, if that’s going on and they aren’t taking them down I can’t see the difference in writing a book.

Exactly my point. 90% of the time it’s probably just gig rotation. People get obsessed over the SEO side of it instead and start constantly changing the gig title, description and keyword. Which if anything, is counter productive for a search engine.

That’s the part we don’t know, how do you know that it isn’t an algorithm along with SEO they could say okay, you have searched for proofreading, but previously you looked at and bought from Canada based buyers, so we will show you them first.

This is a good link that I am sure 90% of the people suggesting SEO haven’t read. What’s also important is to highlight that SEO doesn’t change where you are listed when just browsing a category. So many times people say I’m on the last page in my category, having not used the search function. SEO only applies to searching, as far as my knowledge of data systems would lead me to believe.

Can I also shoutout to everyone involved in this topic, some familiar forum members and usually you are all the people backing myself and each other up with a voice of reason. So thank you for that.

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Because when I try searching it doesn’t show gigs that have no relation to what I searched for (if you mean not take what is searched for into account). It could take other things like the sort of prices you are likely to buy (it might show higher priced gigs to person A higher up in the list than person B if it thinks person A is more likely to buy at those prices).

I do think search words is correct. Maybe search phrases might not be.

It might have a list of related words (like a thesaurus) eg. if you search for “compositing” it shows a gig that just contains “compositions” and “compose” but not the search word. Though it doesn’t return all the gigs containing “color” if you search for “colour”.

I mean it may take both into account. If you searched the word proofreading, It would show those gigs that matches, but also put the Canada based gigs higher due to their algorithm.

Exactly my point :slight_smile:

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I have created a Fiverr myth debunkin thread. It’s small to start off but it could quite easily become a long list of myths we come across and are able to debunk. I would love if I got some more come through and I can add it to the first post.

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Though in that thread re: rank where it says “Your gig does not have a “position” and depending on algorithms will be visible in different positions for each user.” you could say it has a position (rank?) at that point in time for that user (who’s done the search) for that search term. It may change position again as soon as that user does another search. You could say it doesn’t have a permanent/longer term position/rank for a particular search term or something.

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That is in relation to browsing categories, not using the search function. I wouldn’t say gigs have a physical “rank” in just browsing, yes they may have an SEO rank, but that wouldn’t effect just browsing a category, only searching.

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Absolutely agree. Also, if the time spent to look up topics related to these terms you mentionned (doing my darndest not to use them in this reply) was replaced by actual, tangible work - the outcome would be a lot smoother for many of these individuals :confused:



Fiverr platform is using cookies to know what buyer needs and to serve the best user experience. Cookies are saved on the server up to one month period.

  • If you blocked cookies option then the platform will track you from your IP address.
  • If you changed your IP address, the platform will detect you from your device ID.
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Every URL taxonomy has a specific search results.
See the search results below: the same keyword, different URL taxonomy, different search results.

It does track your use of other sites to if it can. Though I’m not sure it can always detect your device/device ID.
eg. if you create a support ticket it shows some of the things it detected (eg. what browser, IP address, operating system you were using when the ticket was created), but for me it says “Device name: Unknown” and also doesn’t show a Device ID anywhere there.

I’m not sure it can get the device ID (unless it makes one up based on details of your browser configuration and/or maybe other tracking stuff it has access to).