The world doesn't revolve around you


I had a customer today get suddenly super angry and rude because I didn’t reply to her messages and demands straight away. Sorry to break it to you but the world does not revolve around you. People have lives, people have jobs, people have things to do! All sellers are not sitting at their desk 24/7 - and not to mention most likely not even in your timezone. I don’t understand how people can’t fathom that there are actually other time-zones than theirs.

Seriously we are working for $5 here! Some orders take 30-60 minutes to complete, which is way under minimum wage. The least you can do is be polite and understanding. I’m always going above and beyond for my customers and keeping them happy at all cost, while being polite and professional. You no right to be so ignorantly rude.

Although I can’t give her a piece of my mind - I thought to post here. Reaaaally frustrating.


Yep always hard when you get a difficult client that doesnt appreicate.

I recently had one, and the messages are hard to take sometimes, the best thing is to bit the lip(which is hard to do) and try to please them as much as you can. Get way to let out the frustration in the forum hahah


I have a situation right now… a little different than yours but still annoying… and I suspect it’s going to get bad. The client ordered the extra fast delivery for a bulk order. It’s bolded and highlighted IN MY GIG not to order the extra fast delivery for bulk orders because, like you, I’ve got other orders to deal with (I can handle an extra fast for one or two articles but not six). And, I have life to deal with… job, kids, and right now, I’m in the process of moving.

Beyond pissed that the client seems to think the world is revolving around him at this exact moment. Come on! And, obviously, he didn’t read my gig description. Of course, he probably didn’t because he’s a repeat client. Still, things change and it’s best to always read descriptions. But, of course, we have all heard this before, buyers often do not read descriptions.



I once had a buyer who thought the messages were more like an instant messaging platform. If I didn’t reply within a couple of minutes I’d get a “are you there” response or a “I’m waiting, please respond”. I politely wrote back to say that it wasn’t instant messaging and I’m not always at the computer or able to respond. I check my emails periodically but not every time I get a ding to say I’ve got one as I may be in the middle of an order. I then said that if the guy wanted me to work on something, please place and order and input all the instructions necessary and I’d get it to him by the deadline. He stopped messaging as much, placed the order and then left positive feedback. I don’t think all buyers quite get the idea that it’s a multinational platform with buyers in different timezones and not around all the time.

@emeraldawnn I have a few repeat buyers who order without reading the gig descriptions anymore. It’s annoying but they’re usually understanding when I contact them because of a problem. I have one who orders for 16-32 articles every week and orders the extra fast because it’s easier to bulk the payments. The first time I was so confused, so spoke to him about it. Since we’ve agreed delivering empty and then delivering the actual work on the date we had previously agreed on is perfect for us and that’s the way it’s been for the last four-five months. Try talking to your buyer and see if you can come to some sort of agreement if you can’t handle six within 24 hours. The only other option I see is to take your extra fast delivery down and put in your gig description that you can offer extra fast for a price but to contact you first.


The time zone issue can be especially frustrating. Last week, I woke up one morning to see about 10 messages in my inbox from the same user. Each message said something like “Are you there?” or “I need a response now.” In one message, they had even threatened to report me to Customer Support if I didn’t write them back soon.

First, it clearly shows on my gig page that my response time is about 8 hours. Second, I was asleep! In fact, I sleep every night! In the end, I simply blocked that user from contacting me further. The whole situation seemed like a box full of crazy that I didn’t want to open.

I do my best to reply to messages as soon as I can, but it’s totally unreasonable to think that I’m always waiting at my computer screen with bated breath for your message to arrive. That’s being extremely inconsiderate of people’s time.


Reply to @aingham69: Haha. I have buyers that do that, “I’m waiting” thing, too. The worst are the 20 something guys that really are in front of their computers all day and night. They’re super tech savvy and have no other responsibilities. The great part about those buyers, though: they respond really quickly when I need more information. :wink:


Reply to @nickih: "In fact, I sleep every night!"

Best comment of the day! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I had a “Hi, are you there?” yesterday and had to explain that it works like email and they could type up their question for me to answer when I get around to it. It’s funny to read some of these stories.


What’s funny is that some of my best buyers are on a different continent and they are very conscientious of the time difference, and then I also had a potential buyer that just could not stand the fact I might be asleep when she sent me a message. After sending me a message at midnight, my time, she sent another a 3 a.m. that said something like, “Listen, your response time is two hours, so you should respond within TWO hours. That’s just common courtesy, and if you can’t do that, then we shouldn’t work together.” And then ANOTHER message at 5 a.m.: "SERIOUSLY? Fine, if you’re going to ignore me, then I’ll find someone else."

When I told what times her messages had come through, she said I should have some respect for her schedule. My response was that she should find someone else to work with, maybe a vampire, who doesn’t sleep?


Reply to @emasonwrites:

"When I told what times her messages had come through, she said I should have some respect for her schedule. My response was that she should find someone else to work with, maybe a vampire, who doesn’t sleep? - See more at:

2nd best comment of the day! =))

emasonwrites said: "Listen, your response time is two hours, so you should respond within TWO hours. That's just common courtesy, and if you can't do that, then we shouldn't work together." And then ANOTHER message at 5 a.m.: "SERIOUSLY? Fine, if you're going to ignore me, then I'll find someone else."

Oh my god, haha. Wow it amazes me - there really are people out there who don't get not everyone lives in their country/timezone. What do they expect you to do - jump up out of bed and run to your computer when you get a notification.
I think some of the messages with people saying "are you there" - if it's a one off message, they're just sending that to a bunch of people to see if they can do their order right now, I've experienced that myself. Although the people who repeatably go "are u there, why are u ignoring me etc." - are absolutely bizarre haha - again with the non awareness of people's timezones and lives.


I had a customer who tried to cancel an order saying that he sent 25 messages and I had not responded. True, he had sent 25 messages. However, he had done it in a way to imply that they were over a long period of time. It was really just 10 minutes. He didn’t get his cancellation.


Reply to @aingham69: I don’t know how I managed it but I got that buyers’ articles done in one day… In 13 hours… Most of the articles were about 400 words… With one of them being just over 600 words. If it wasn’t for the fact they were so small, I wouldn’t have been able to finish them. It appeared that one article was more than 900 words but I saw that it repeated another article I had already rewritten. Thank goodness!

Still, I made him aware that next time, I would not be able to do that, as I have other responsibilities to deal with and bulk orders do not get one day service, as stipulated on my gig.

I got two thumbs up for the orders…


People are unbelievable sometimes. I think that part of being a good seller is offering good customer service, but there are users who seem to go out of their way to test that concept. The vast majority of my buyers have been great, so I’m glad that the group of troublemakers is a small minority, but I’ll never understand what is going on in their heads that makes them think it’s okay to behave so badly.

I wonder if they act like that in real life. Surely not - they wouldn’t get away with that in the real world! (At least, I hope not.) Perhaps they buy into the notion that typing behind a keyboard, possibly in another county, provides an element of anonymity that allows courtesy and acceptable social behavior to fly out the window. (I don’t know this person. Who cares if I act like a jerk? It’s not like there are any real consequences for me.) Internet communication may provide anonymity, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act like a decent person.

emeraldawnn said: I got two thumbs up for the orders..

Glad to hear it all worked out. Hopefully he'll keep that message in mind the next time he wants a bulk order.


I hear ya…we live in a fast food mentality world. Everyone wants things done in the time that it takes fries to cook at McDonalds.

I just kill them with kindness, works almost every time. When you reply with kindness to someone who is irate, most of the time they will feel like a fool for getting upset. The ones that still continue to be irate after being showered with kindness are usually people with miserable lives. Not your fault, its theirs!


I was a pharmacy technician for 18 yrs and you wouldn’t believe the things that happened to me. From people swearing at me because their insurance wasn’t working (not my fault, talk to human resources at your job) or wondering why they can’t get their prescriptions filled in 5 minutes. I had enough one day and said “Well, do you want your prescriptions fast or do you want them correct”, pick one and get back to me. We’ve also had our lives threatened, people flipped out and caused a scene…oh so many bad things!

Thankfully I work from home now, no more dealing with the face to face customer service. It’s been a year with working from home and am blessed to be able to do it this long. One day I will have to go back into the world of face to face customer service but hoping its not for a long time!


Reply to @nickih: …I SLEEP EVERY NIGHT!.. hahahahahaha! Good one nickih =))