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The worst customer is a $5 customer - do you disagree?

The worst customer is a $5 customer - do you disagree?


Well, they TEND to be, but not always.
I’ve had plenty of $5 buyers who were simply nice and
respectful, but again, the $5 people tend to be the ones who try to
get a tons of things done with the lowest price possible.

Again, TEND to :wink:


I disagree.

You can’t judge all clients by a selected few. I’ve had a client of $1500 giving me a really hard time.

There are more $5 sales than higher priced sales for obvious reasons. This is why we think they are terrible because it seems to happen more often.

1 Million $5 sales can amount to 50k bad buyers
10,000 $500 sales can amount to 500 bad buyers.

What about those $100, $200, $500, $1000 charge backs?

It depends on the character of the particular buyer.


The worst customers are those whom purposefully order services and pay the least amount possible, when clearly they require something completely different.

Raising prices does tend to scare many such buyers away but you still get them. I recently raised my basic “you get this exact 30-second video” package price to $40. Doing this seemed to cut down on the number of people requesting custom 1-minute work. Sadly, yesterday I had a buyer say: “Hmmm… Not impressed.” Before sending links to several 2-minute+ length videos which he likes on Youtube.

It’s not about price per-se. It’s about buyers convincing themselves that they can pay $ and get work equivocal to $$$ in value, simply because that is what they want.


Could not agree more.

A $5 buyer is not always bad. My baseline price for voice overs is $15 for 150 words. A buyer messaged me asking if there was any way I could work with him for a script that was only 50 words without having to pay for 150.

Sure. I charge him $5. I’m done in three minutes. He’s thrilled, completely satisfied, and then left a great review and sent me a thank-you note.

That’s the type of client who understands the value of work, and it just so happened the work he needed done was only worth $5.

Another client purchased a $40 order from me directly from my gig page, not a custom offer / BR, and then proceeded to push the absolute limits of what he could get out of me for that price. Revision after revision. Edit the timing. Switch this. Change that. I revised the script. Can you arrange the files differently. Can you add background music. Can you do this background music instead. Can you add music to this track that I just told you not to add music to? Thanks. I liked it better without the music sorry.

Took me four hours. Didn’t even leave a review.


I agree with you totally! I have someone like this over the weekend.

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Yes the majority will add many things on during the revision stage - so don’t offer revisions for $5 and clarify the job before the timer starts or you may find the job was harder than you thought.
A few customers will keep to the brief they gave at this price and they may even tip you.


Revision is bad option for $5-15
Buyers will get $60 materials in $5-20.
My bad experience

I would put it this way:
Most of the worst buyers on Fiverr are 5 dollar buyers.
But most of my five dollar buyers have been great!

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You need to understand the buyers mentality in the marketplace, there are four types of clients:

  1. The cheap clients (Mostly want everything for $5) and for that reason they are on fiverr, and most clients fall into this category whether they are on fiverr or not fivver, however majority of clients on fiverr are that type of clients.
    Definition of cheap clients: They simply buy based on price, and the first thing they ask about is the price, and they usually ask questions or say things like “What is your best price?”, “Holy crap you are too expensive I could get someone on fiverr to do it for me for $5”. They don’t truly appreciate what you offer, they are so demanding and it is very hard to deal with them. Never ever try to prove yourself to them or that you are offering something great, because they don’t care, what they only care about is the price, because that’s their nature they are cheap, shall I repeat that? They are "CHEAP"

  2. The Difficult Clients They are not necessarily cheap, they are just difficult, usually they try to make your day bad and give you a hard time, they sound like that and say things like “My Life sucks man, I don’t have time for this”

  • In short majority of clients fall into the cheap category, however a lot of clients are difficult too. So majority of people in the marketplace are "Cheap & Difficult"
  1. The Sophisticated Clients : These people have money, they are educated, they know what they are buying, and they appreciate the quality and added value, they usually have done their researches and they know what they exactly want, usually when you are selling to this type of customers they take their time to buy your product/service, they ask a lot of questions but different type of questions that cheap & difficult customers ask, they ask smart questions, they want to get more educated about the subject, product or service and they appreciate it very much.
    "Please note they are very few, and hard to find them on fiverr or any other cheap freelancing platform"

  2. The Affluent Clients And these guys buy based on feelings, they don’t care about giving them a deal, if you say I will give you a deal to them you will automatically lose them, because they have the money and they don’t care about deals. These guys are also very hard to find on such a cheap freelancing platform

Now you decide who you want to sell for? Heh!


Most of the $5 customers expects a delivery worth $50, that’s where they become the worst customer. Some are good, easy to work with, but majority are worse.


No i don’t agree except where the customer wants to pay $5 for a work that is worth more.


Well it feels that way but when people pay more they tend to expect more and be more demanding. It depends on the type of service and quality that you offer.

The most difficult buyers I’ve had are the $5 ones to be honest

I disagree until $5 customer want to get more done than it’s worth it.

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i disagree cuz some people dont wanna pay more but yes if the want more than what its worth then that isnt good

Most of the time I got the client like this for $5. It’s very painful experienced.

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Well cannot agree fully as this thing seems to be most in 5$ price buyers but these are the one s from where you take start of your selling :wink:

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I don’t know, I am newbie :slight_smile:

I disagree. I got $25 Tip for a $5 gig

I wouldn’t know, because I don’t start my rates that low. If people want something cheaper from me, then they contact me for a custom quote.

Bottom line is, you have to weigh up what your time, skills etc are worth. Also customers seem to forget that Fiverr takes 20% off that price, so what you actually make is less than what they’re paying.

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