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The worst customer is a $5 customer - do you disagree?

My top buyer’s 1st order was a $5 gig. :smiley: I’m providing my service for them around 2 years!!


Well, I have all kind of customers… When I start working on fiverr, and that was a long time ago the prices were between $5-$30, and at that time you couldn’t put the buyers on categories based on their spent money… But now since the prices are much higher you can see who are the pickiest and who aren’t…

So if you have a gig that has the pricing as follow… $5 - $50 - $100, those who will buy the $5 package will give you headaches sometimes, because they see you can offer a better quality since you have different package and some of them try to squeeze you.

yes, I agree with that

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I 100% agree. Not ALL the time, but they tend to be the worst. That’s why I don’t sell $5 gigs anymore.

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It’s humorous the number of people here who disagree and then in the same breath cite how bad cheap buyers are. In my circle, we call them bottom feeders—if there weren’t sellers who want to be food, they’d starve.

Basically, I don’t have any $5 gigs. What I offer for $5 almost no one needs. Once they add the extras and the fee for Release of Rights, it’s way more than $5. :slight_smile:

I can bend over backwards for a client who pays for it—I’m definitely not on the menu.

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For the first customers and starting as a freelancer over here that’s ok. But then, no more just 5$. Regards.

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Yes and yes! Wow a client with a $5 gig, and they tend to tip pretty well, and become repeat customers.

That said, I have backed myself into a corner creating custom offers for less than my selling price before, too.

There is no hard and fast rule about this one. If only we had a package option for “pain in the butt clients.”


I like to report since I have offered less for a fiverr I am getting better customers.

here is my tip


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strongly agreed…3 days ago face such client …i forced me to deliver different designs of flyers just only for $5 .after 3 days worst experience he was very happy .but at last he rate me just 4.0 .after asking why you rate me 4.0 instead of 5 …he says…i never rate seller above than 4.0… i also contact customer support but they are are unable to help me.

I disagree.

I do not have a $5 gig anymore but when I did I really didn’t have any issue with them. In my opinion the worst buyers are the ones that make orders without reading order description or contacting seller before buying if not clear about anything.
You state in bold and capitals on your order page your services are not available on the weekends as it won’t be possible to deliver in quick time on the weekends, they make the order and tell you to cancel if you can not deliver on the weekends.
You clearly state what they need to provide, they make the order and say oh I just realized I need to provide bla bla, can you provide it. If you can’t then cancel the order.

Seriously, a whole lot of things would be much smoother if some buyers can just read before making the order.

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Those worst ones are mostly the $5 cheap peeps.

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Not really. Disagree…

Whats your reason dzynner

$5 is in here sri lanka 809 LKR. it’s not much, but it’s good money for certain jobs. If a buyer comes from a country like here, they certainly expect the job to be done properly. Now if a buyer comes from a country like Norway, they wouldn’t hesitate to pay a hefty payment for a job, because in their country the salaries are high. If they paid $5, it makes them to believe that it’s not much so the seller isn’t supposed to do the job done well. I have seen many westerners come here and be surprised when they heard prices of certain commercial goods, but for us they can be expensive. Fiverr is an International market. So you should have a good mindset to understand the economy of other countries, then you would have never said something like this.

You are exactly right and spot on. This is the best post I have read so for today.

I think quite often the problem is that sellers don’t fully explain what you’ll get for the basic package.

For example, a logo designer uploads their best work to the portfolio and charges $15 for 1 logo. As a buyer I look at the portfolio and think that any one of those logos is worth $15. While actually some of those logos took him days to create and the price range would be completely different.

If the designer said that here’s the logo you’ll get for $15 and here’s the logo you get for $100 then buyer’s expectations would be different as well.

Now, of course there are difficult buyers, but I wouldn’t pin it on buyers alone.

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I win a lot of contest on other sites I work on for $200 to $500 but at the same time I sell my services here on Fiverr for $5 as well as it is a consistent work.

I have had more that 150 jobs done here so far and at the same time most the buyers are (majority) very very kind and really great to work with and there are those who want to make my day a really bad day but I still manage to get the job done and satisfy them.

We can not compare all fingers to be equal size and not all humans have same Brain and thought, That is what makes us humans. Different from each other.

Your answer is in no way related to the post.

No, I don’t think so. Because five fingers are not equal. :slight_smile:
Some customers who pay us more sometime they also became as worst… :wink:

Not all the time, but mostly.

I’ve worked here for more than 6 years and developed an ultra instinct to know which ones are the worst clients. Sometimes I don’t listen to myself and accept an order and then I have to cancel because the client did what I predicted he would.

For instance, worst clients can tell you “can you help me? I sent this to another translator [insert gig here] and I didn’t like the result because X reason”. In my case, that reason is that they think it sounds too literal and translated through google translate.

For me, hearing google translate is key, because it means no matter what you do, the client will always think it’s google translate.

Another thing I’m very careful with are clients who speak the target language, I will explain below:

Last client who did this was less than a week ago. The client said that his last translator was too literal and google translate. He also asked me to translate one phrase which I did and was happy with the result, he even said “hired”. (Also be careful with very picky clients demanding lots of things, and clients who ask for a test)

so, I worked in it and I did a manual translation as always and it was quite literal without me having another option but it sounded perfect in Spanish.

Then I received a request to cancel because “it was too literal and google translate” just like what he said about the last translator.

Worst thing is, these types of documents that have to be translated too literal can be done so using google translate and this will give almost 100% accuracy. So the client can just do so and realize this and then think paying for the translation wasn’t worth it.
He could have even realized that before ordering and was just looking for somebody to do it for him for free.

So it sucked because I spent my time doing the translation and also affected my cancellation rate. Fiverr as always didn’t care, and I even sent a report to their trust and safety. Hopefully they will do something about it because that means this guy got free work from at least me and the last translators and who knows how many others, wasting our times, and the site doesn’t earn anything from this.