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The WORST Gigger, Ever!

So I love Fiverr and all… but, some sellers are more than a handful.

Like many of you, I’ve bought plenty of gigs on here - some really awesome, and others less amazing.

And I’ll never forget the time I ordered a cartoon drawing from this fragglesrock.

Talk about a guy who could not communicate. I mean, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt (based on his work samples provided) - but, that too was a horrible idea!

Let me break it down for you.

I needed a drawing of a crow. For a mascot. So, to make it easy, I sent him the actual image and requested that he replicate it. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Instead of using the image as a reference, Mr. Pablo PicantPaintForShit thought it was appropriate to send me a sketch of Donald Duck wearing a fedora in the heat of the night.

At first, I laughed and asked for revisions. When the revisions were returned with Donald Duck in Levi Jeans, I lost it.

I asked for a refund and shared a new vocabulary with Pablo.

Now that I think about it, I don’t recall ever getting refunded…

Am I alone? Would love to hear similar stories, unless of course - you’ve only had perfect experiences!

LMFAO - I feel your pain - but the way you tell the story is funny!

That’s awesome! Like a Fiverr Sharknado story. Something so bad, the lasting result is probably more memorable than if you had received exactly what you wanted. grin

Now I want to turn that concept into a gig. lol


I’m sorry, but I’m lmfao. How is a crow even interpreted as a duck, let alone Donald duck. W…t…f… and why would he do a revision with Donald in levi’s? I know this was probably a really crappy experience for you, but it is a bit funny. Also “Pablo PicantPaintForShit” …lol. In all seriousness, you could try to get a refund ( contact cs ) or at least leave a proper rating for the cheeky seller.

Oh, this experience made me laugh. I think, of all the odd experiences I’d read about here on Fiverr, yours takes the cake! :smiley:

If I may be so bold as to say… your experience would even work quite well as a comedy bit for a stand-up comedian. Some of the best humor comes from actual real life experiences – and, man, this one sounds like a doozy!

I’m sorry you had this particular experience as a buyer, but I am thankful for the laugh this evening!

There are funny people on fiverr try to sell what they don’t know

hahaha :))

You can write a letter to fiverr here

Tell your story there and ask for a refund.

Good luck!

Fiverr Customer Support

@accessgirl: “How is a crow even interpreted as a duck?” I spent many nights wondering the same thing.

Hey @jonbaas: Glad this made you laugh! An experience this bizarre deserves to be shared with the laughers of the world.

@imrobertson: Ohhh, believe me - there’s more! Glad you enjoyed.

@mystic_insight: Pant hem + duck claws = disaster

@saturnin: and people like me who buy them.

Thank you @anacristina89

@timbrewolf: A memory I shall remember forever.

This is what he meant to draw :))


@chase183 If Daffy looked like that, this thread wouldn’t exist.

that is strange ! but i think it happens when there is language difference :slight_smile:

@matrix_life: You’re probably right, but it feels so wrong.

Reply to @linkedin123:

Indeed it does! :smiley:

It’s because half the sellers that sell images like this don’t actually draw them they just use PSD’s found online and edit them slightly - I guess he couldn’t find one of a crow.

What I do when ordering images is do a reverse image search on Google before accepting and leaving feedback just to see if that image can be found elsewhere online.