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The worst haggler I've had yet

So this conversation just went like so…

buyer: “Hi, I need a full sales page writing for my website. What’s the price?”

me: “$50”.

Him: “Too high”.

Me: “What do you suggest then?”

“Him: $5”.

“Me: :joy::joy::joy:

End of conversation.

How can someone expect to hire someone to make them more sales for $5. $50 is already DRASTICALLY under-priced for a full sales page.

The audacity of some people. You’re running a business. Invest in your marketing!!!


:thinking:I think that these kind of clients should hire sellers from their own country. and even fiverr should create a web page just for them to sell and buy among themselves. I say this because everything will be balanced in its currency, its inflation rate, its market, etc.yes, I am referring to that country :thinking: . and tons of fake buyers,seller, will disapear.

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This is why I don’t ever ask buyers what price they’d rather pay. I save myself from hearing something ridiculous like you just did. The crux of the problem is that most people don’t know what it means to run a business and therefore have no concept of investing in it. Believe me, this is the type of person you want to save yourself from working with.


I just had a new buyer hit me up and ask

Buyer: What can I get for $1.

Me: My lowest priced gig is $10 which includes 4 bars which is the length of a chorus.

Buyer: So $10 for 4 bars and a full song?

Me: No, $10 for a chorus. $40 for a verse. $50 for a verse and chorus. $90 for two verses and a chorus.


Feel a little bad blocking them, but I felt like they were going to place a $10 order and expect the world.