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The Worst Thing You Can Tell A Seller


You placed a $30 order with delivery in 3-days, you got the delivery in 2-days, and this is what you write:

"Just a heads up,I don’t like your work. I think you were horrible, lol. I’ve come up with better ideas than you did. I have to review this negatively Just a heads up. "

I can’t mention your name, but if you’re reading this, I want you to know you’re a HORRIBLE BUYER. You treat people like garbage, you could have requested a revision, even a cancellation, yet you didn’t. You say you’ve come up with better ideas? Then show me your ideas. Put up or shut up. In the end I did give you a refund, so you won’t be able to write your nasty review. By the way, 1., 2. 9., 10. (Laundry Love Service), 11. (Laundry Lovely), are great names for a laundry, dry-cleaning pickup service.

And if you can’t see that, you don’t deserve to be in business. So go ahead, bad buyer, write better names than this one, I dare you.


Reply to @norrsken_marc: Yes, I’ll be LMAO when her clients let her have it.


Reply to @alysmcdonough: That’s tragic, some buyers want too much communications.


Reply to @dukanu: I had to choose between getting a really negative review and losing money. I decided to lose money. I think most buyers are ethical, but you do meet creeps from time to time.


I had one today that ordered late last night, 24 hour delivery. They had four files and had another one to come today. So I did the four files I had a few hours after getting the order, deliver them - then I get the fifth file this morning. An hour later I delivered the last of five files. I get a 4.5 feedback. I say, “Thanks for your feedback, just wondering what I could have done to get a 5 star feedback?” They say that I should have replied to them when they sent the fifth file! I sent the completed fifth file just one hour after I got the message it was there to do and I still had about 12 hours of the gig left. Buyer says “I don’t know what’s gone on here.” I tell them and get no response. Yes it’s only half a star but when you work hard and fast to get everything done and some buyer has a God complex that they are so important that they should be responded to instantly, wow just wow is all I can say. I have told this person not to order any more from me.


Hope to don’t become an usual way for buyers to get free stuffs.

All the Best,



Reply to @fastcopywriter: Since she comes up with better ideas, you should tell her to try her hand as a seller :slight_smile:


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks, glad you agree. What’s the worse thing a buyer has ever told you?


Reply to @norrsken_marc: No, she doesn’t even have gigs, ironic, isn’t it? Glad you like Dryfully. :slight_smile:


Yep, just like bachas85 wrote, very unprofessional. Did you check to see if this rude buyer was also a seller/competitor just trying to give you a bad time? I kind of like “Dryfully”, by the way.


The worse thing a buyer did to me just happened yesterday. He ordered a package month ago, I did it. Than he requested a modification that I also did. After that he was spotting details and having change of heart about some design - no problem I did those for free. Gave him the PSD files for free as well. He gave me a 5 star review.

Week later after New Year he asked for a small modification. Than for another one, and another one. I said sorry but you paid 20% out of 100% worth of work and you keep asking. He said alright just please send me the new original files.

I did. Woke up yesterday with a Dispute email. The ##### made a PayPal dispute and took his money back. I would stub him with a pen if I could…

Buyers don’t do that - Bad karma I warn you :smiley:


There was this one buyer who placed an order, I have delivered well ahead of deadline, and I got a 3 star rating. I ask her why, she tells me that she ordered the same thing from several sellers, and what I delivered was just ok compared to what she received from some of the others. She didn’t want a revision, I didn’t do anything wrong, she just liked the writing of some other sellers better than she liked mine.

I cancelled that one. Fortunately, it was only a $5 order, but I don’t like the idea of getting a lousy rating not because of something I did wrong, but because somebody else writes better than I do.


If she is so good at coming up with names why did she buy the gig in the first place?! Some people exist to drive the rest of us bonkers…


Reply to @catwriter: That’s terrible, it would be better to get no review than a 3 star rating.


Reply to @kreativa: Some buyers are weird, one sent me a receipt to prove that he ordered. I was, “you’re not on my queue, so talk to customer service.” So stranger, I wonder if he was looking for free work?


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I agree, no review is definitely better.


Reply to @bachas85: Being nice goes a long way, if you pay for 5, and I deliver 20, and you ask for a revision in a nice way, and show some appreciation for the work I did, I’ll grant that revision. But if someone is mean spirited, I am wary, specially those who make threats.


Wow how rude! Iv’e also had a buyer do something very similar. I think they are just jealous that we are making money and they aren’t :expressionless:


LOL @wegotshoutouts!! i think we have all had our share and are continuously experiencing the brunt of some Buyers who have just crawled out of the deep abyss.

I am truly sorry to hear this, do know multiple bigger and better orders will come by. And that buyer will live to regret this horrible deed.


@jdadvertising lol dramatic