The Year of Do: It Starts Right Now



2018 is here and it’s our most important year yet. 2017 was all about celebrating those who do. Launching our “In Doers We Trust” campaign was our undertaking to put doers in the center – to celebrate and rally the risk-takers, the creators and the non-traditionalists. But, as we were thinking about our own New Year’s resolutions for this year, we lamented that these statements are often quickly ignored and become empty promises gone unfulfilled. So, we decided that this year needs to be about actually doing more and not about just promising ourselves more. I’m talking about actually making a commitment. A commitment to your passion. A commitment to yourself. A commitment that can’t be swept aside or saved for another day. This commitment is a lifestyle. A daily goal to grab every opportunity and take every chance to do more. So, in that spirit, we’re claiming 2018 as The Year of Do.

What have you done today? Have you accomplished what you set out to?

The Year of Do is about championing the entrepreneur in us all, and enabling our global community to do more. I always tell the Fiverr team to avoid “death by committee.” It’s the brainstorms that dead end. The 15-person collaborative document that goes nowhere and benefits no one. We’ve all been there, and there’s no reason for it. If you see a problem and have access to a quick solution, push it through. The path of least resistance isn’t always the prettiest, but when time and money are your biggest enemies, executing on ideas quickly is your fastest route to learning and growth. Challenge yourself to push through. Through failure and hesitation. You may produce something that doesn’t work right away, but that doesn’t matter. What you’ve created is a foundation for finding something that will work, and every action you take will get you closer and closer to that success.

The commitment to do more doesn’t start and stop with you. It’s also our commitment to you. To do more for you. To lower the barrier for you to find success. To provide more tools, services, and resources that push you forward. We would be nothing without your creativity, drive, and ingenuity, and this year we’ll be doing more to enhance your experience and access to all things Fiverr, on and offline.

So, what will you accomplish in The Year of Do? Tell us what you’re committed to do, and we’ll work to help make it a reality. How? Why don’t you see for yourself. Check out our Year of Do challenge, make your commitment, and let’s get sh#t done. I’ll be cheering you on.

In Doers We Trust,



2017, for me - as a buyer - has been a year of many benefits from 5r. There are some that I just loved, but then there are a few that I’m indifferent.

What I loved about 2017 were the following:

  • Team Account - the best feature you guys came up with for buyers, it encourages me to leave gratuity more often and buy more often.

  • Price Range - I can now filter for my budget, saving me time and money

  • Available Now - I now know who can work on my projects right now for a quicker delivery; which I’ll be using as soon as I’m done with the forum today.

What I would love to see in 2018 are to make it easier for me to filter “genuine/legitimate” sellers over “overnight/illegitimate” sellers. I’m afraid to expand past my regular set of sellers in fear of losing my money.

Money Lost Summary

Some people may disagree with me, but I typically do not waste my time arguing to get my money back for a $5 or even $10 order. My time is more valuable than that & it’s easier to consider it “cost of doing business.”

It’s still money lost.

Oh, I do when it’s stolen material that is given to me but that’s principle and not really the money.

My goal for The Year of Do, as a buyer, is to start my blog (which I’ve already bought several dozen gigs), finish several short stories/novella (& everything that goes with it). I enjoy using buyer’s request for these projects, but I wish there was a way for me to filter for seller levels. That would make it so much easier!

For all you buyers, “Happy Shopping!” :shopping: :shopping_cart:

For all you sellers, “Happy Selling!” :moneybag: :dollar:


This year, I’ll be a Fiverr Buyer, and am using Fiverr to help me develop a personal passion project. (A vegan blog which connects vegans with the resources they need to level up their lifestyle.) I’ve already connected with half a dozen researchers and am delighted with the quality of work I am getting.

It’s going to maike it much easier to get this thing off the ground, and helps me add value (through writing) rather than having to do the legwork and research. Plus, it means I am very happy to pay others a reasonable rate to do that work for me (and I have already had to coach some sellers to charge me a little more!)


This year I have set myself some great goals. I’ve been working hard for more than two years now to expand my voice-over business into something I can - hopefully - do full-time in a year or so. I’m getting closer to reaching this goal now.

My biggest goal is to get my new professional home studio set up. It has been a massive struggle to be able to afford all the materials, equipment, courage and willpower to get this thing done. Especially considering I’m like a monkey with a hammer.

Finally, the materials are here, and I’m getting started on building this thing with the help of my beautiful wife this week.

This goal will enable me to provide even higher quality on my deliveries and will make my work so much more comfortable and effective. My earnings so far from Fiverr has made this possible!

Doing what I love has made a difference in the way I view life. I’m a happier and better person because of Fiverr, and I will keep growing from my experiences both here, and off-site.

My second goal is, as it is every year, to lose some weight. Never gonna happen. But it’s always nice to have some unrealistic goas as well, just to keep me grounded. My growing beer-belly certainly does the job!

I’m not just a doer anymore. I’m an enjoyer.


You can do it man. Wishing you the best this year!


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Thanks! Have a great 2018! :smiley:


In Doers We trust you :sunglasses:


Thanks! :heart_eyes:


this year i promise i will active 18 hours and try to hard work to my respected fiverr buyer .

all the best .


great!!! :sunglasses:


Fiverr is making everyone’s lives better and I what I learned so far is that it is our job to give our best all the time and our first and foremost priority should be satisfying our clients and giving them what they need. So, in 2018 I will do my best to get even better results and I want to contribute to this beautiful Fiverr community. Determined.


Reading your post just got me more motivated to get right started with my future project. I wish you success




In 2017, I completed the requirements of a level1 seller within a period of 3weeks.
IN THIS YEAR OF DO, I will become a level two seller within a period of 2months, and at the best become a TRS


I’ll be here cheering you on as I join the party.


In this year I promise I will start working with fiverr very soon.


Well, I hope to make more sales. :sunglasses:


Scientific Experience Thank you team fiverr: :kissing_heart::star_struck::heart_eyes:


This is so inspiring.
I commit myself to have a response time of less than an hour and make at least one sale per week for each of my Gigs.