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Thee starts review

I had a buyer who at the end of the project said: “I love it”. He even gave me a small tip.
His review was “Good and quick.” but he only gave me 3 stars. That makes no sense in my opinion.

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It seems like this may be just a slip of the finger, or the buyer actually chose to rate you with 3 out of 5 stars.

Either way, there is nothing you can do about it, and there’s nothing you should do about it.

Do not contact the buyer, or customer support.

Fiverr no longer allows for reviews to be changed, and any mention of your rating will get you an official warning.

You should count your lucky stars -no pun intended- the buyer left 3 stars and not 1, because I’ve seen 1-star reviews with a positive comment.


This is one of those occasions when you have to walk away from what has happened.

Your buyer might have intended to leave a 3 star review, after all that is still technically a good rating.

This is my interpretation of a 5 star rating system:

1 - poor
2 - average
3 - good
4 - very good
5 - excellent

Even if your buyer did intend to leave a 5 star review, it is a Fiverr offence to ask a buyer to change a review, and you will likely receive an account warning. Besides, a buyer can not change their review once it is published.

And if you went direct to customer support they will likely also issue you with a warning.

You can’t win - but you will likely lose if you try and address this.


Thank you for your thoughts. I will not contact the buyer or the customer support. It is just frustrating I suppose.

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Don’t get disappointed. Focus on offering quality work and move on. I have faced similar issues too.

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Do not try to change the mind of the buyer or try to contact with Fiverr CS. Just keep focusing on your quality. If you ever try to change the review then it will be a reason of getting warn! Although giving any stars out of 5 is totally buyer’s choice. We have nothing to do on it but I can understand your frustration!
Good luck!

This reminds me of a review where I got 4.7 stars and the comment was “11/10 would commission from again”.
Not the end of the world but it’s mildly upsetting. :upside_down_face:

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