Theft by a seller


I recieved an email from Fiverr today informing me that I my ‘order’ was now ready for collection. I logged in to my account here (didn’t click the link in the email obviously) to find to my horror that somebody has hacked my account and ordered from themselves using my account. I have submitted a ticket request but Fiverr are not responding. Please can somebody help. The ‘seller’ also created a fictitious conversation between us and left himself 5star feedback. This is disgusting. Please can somebody help. I hadn’t previously logged in since about 2 years ago!

Account Hacked - change your passwords

Sorry to hear this - all you can do really is to wait for CS to get back to you.

Have you changed your password BTW?


contact customer service, the forum won’t be able to help.


Yes I changed my password now. How do I know Fiverr will respond? Is this a scam site?


Please read original message. Thanks.


No, it’s not a scam.

CS will get back to you, but it sometimes takes a couple of days - your email will tell you what the current response time is.


I’m so worried that this person is going to steal a whole load of money from me. How do I change my payment details on here please?


You’ll need to do that in your account settings.

Please wait for CS to get back to you - I’m sure they will soon!


I went to account settings and couldn’t even find my payment info. I think I ordered 1 gig on here a few years ago so am unsure how they even managed to order it now. The thief is:******

Mod note: Seller name removed. Please do not name other users in this manner.


Please can you remove the seller’s details from your post?


When Fiverr have bothered to reply to me I will. Otherwise no absolutely not. This man needs to be stopped.


It’s against the forum rules to post buyers/seller details.

Good luck with CS!

Edited to add - we on the forum aren’t Fiverr - we’re just buyers and sellers like you.


It’s also against the law to steal money from people. I think Fiverr has a bigger responsibility to fulfill before I remove it.


@slave4randi That´s horrible. How did they steal money from you? Do you have fund in your Fiverr account? Or did they hack your Paypal too?


I understand that this is upsetting but unless the hacker got your password through the Fiverr platform somehow, it is not actually Fiverr’s fault. If they got it through other means then it may be your own error or simply a good hacker.
I am sure Fiverr will try to help as much as possible so just wait for their response.


Hi Fitrigwrites4u, Thank you kindly. They didn’t hack my Paypal so am unsure how they have managed to do this.


Hi Eoin, I don’t think most well-balanced people would agree with you there. It is the fault of the thief and the responsibility lies solely with Fiverr to rectify the situation.


Yeah that´s crazy. Hope everything will be okay for you.


Thank you. If Fiverr don’t sort it, then I will inform the police.


Thank you - appreciate your time.