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Theories & Changes to the System

Several new changes to 5r:

I noticed that unless I review an order, it is not considered officially accepted. It sits there for three days, then the system sends me a notice letting me know.

I decided to give a seller the benefit of doubt on an order that was particularly not very good; it wasn’t terrible, stolen or plagiarized. To not ruin his rating, I skipped the public review. Most sellers would prefer no review over a bad review.

I accepted this order several times but because I skipped the review, it wouldn’t close out. Three days later, I got an email from 5r, letting me know the time to accept has expired and they are closing it out for me. :confused: They could have done that 3 days earlier and the seller could have gotten paid.

Another change, this one isn’t new but I do have a question on how this looks from the seller’s end. When filling out the requirement, there is a box that has to be ticked:

:black_square_button: All information I am providing is correct . . .

If I don’t click that square, the system won’t allow me to go past that page to start the order. I’m just wondering if the buyer skips this agreement, does it still show up as an order on your end? Does it show the buyer has not filled out the requirement, even though it has been filled out, they just didn’t agree to the terms?

I’ve always checked the square, so never a problem, but wondering how it looks from the seller’s end.

The first time I saw the agreement, it was surprising. I already paid, filled out the requirement, but cannot proceed further until I agree. I’m wondering if some buyers get nervous at that disclosure and decide to immediately cancel after placing an order.

As a note, they’re not necessarily scam buyer out to get the seller for freebies. If you ever tried buyer’s request, this is what happens.

  • I post a request for 1000 word article with $200 budget; 50 - 75% of bidders will bid $200.

  • I post the same request for 1000 word article with $25 budget; 50 - 75% of bidders will bid $25.

  • I can look at their gig page and most of them are selling what I need for way, way less, like $20 or $40 but bid $200 - probably because that is my max budget. It’s not that hard, try it for yourself. Post the same request few days apart with different max budget and see what you get.

Some buyers know this and may get nervous, therefore cancel right away. Please remember, there are probably over half a million sellers on this platform - just because you are an honest seller that does not price gouge, doesn’t mean there aren’t some that do.


Can´t say anything to the first part, I only see orders where it´s ticked, I suppose most people who order will tick, else they won´t get what they want, after all.

They wouldn´t have to order in the first place, though, if a seller whose gig says 1000 words cost $50 bids $200, the buyer would see that when s/he looks at the gig and could choose a seller whose gig says 1000 words cost around $200 “regularly”.

Or don´t you look at a seller´s profile and gigs before you order after sending a BR? I don´t know, I only ordered “from the gig page” yet, so I´m looking at that anyway.

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Of course, I always look. That’s how I know they are overcharging me. (Edit: trying to overcharge me) :slight_smile:

I’ve actually ordered from a seller’s page because it was 1/4 the price. It was an illustration gig. He upped his price from $25 to $100 immediately after I ordered. He got zero orders after me and lowered it all the way to $10. All of his competitors were offering similiar gigs for around $20.


But if you look, how would you get to the “checkbox” and “cancel” state of things in the first place, you wouldn´t order, or, like in your case, order from the gig page then, or no? I don´t see the issue somehow, but maybe I´m just too tired, could be. :slight_smile:

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Okay, so you got me there but you know well as I do, logic doesn’t always go hand in hand when it comes to spur of the moment ordering spree! :grin::grinning:


You´re lucky then, I compare gigs and sellers for hours before I order anything. :roll_eyes: :grin:


Here is what I see on my order page:

The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete. The buyer is aware that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional

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Yup, that’s what I see too - on the order page. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, noticed the same. Also, the pop-up saying “are you sure? You cant request changes after this step” seems to have disappeared.

You are a very considerate buyer. :clap:
When an order is placed, if the sellers don’t need any further information, they can choose to activate it.
If the buyer doesn’t submit the information, the order is marked as incomplete.
There is a note like “I have received all necessary information. The order can be started”.
This is the order status for seller:

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Really? It showed up for me last week when I accepted an order. Hum, so many changes, so quickly.

Thank you!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the requirements were filled out prior to paying, so there is less chance of unstarted orders?


Yh I think filling the requirements prior to paying as an option would be great. Especially for simple orders where a client will place an order without prior discussion with the seller.


Agree, it’s especially important for direct gig order.


When you place an order but don’t go through the whole process, on my side it will still be an order but it will say that you haven’t filled out any information. I will then have an option to click on “I have all the information I need” I think this was made because you would find buyers trying to add more items or details to an order they placed and wanted the changes implemented for free.


Though it still doesn’t prevent them from ticking the box saying everything required has been specified and then sending a document of many changes to the original spec and changes to nearly all the graphics they want within hours of the required delivery time. I suppose the idea is that they could be chargeable but the buyer may not like that.


I didn’t know about that. To make my buyers check a box saying all information they provide is correct is somewhat nerve wracking for my buyers in particular, since they are telling me very private things.

I might modify my requirements now that I know about that. That could explain the long hesitation sometimes before an order starts.

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On every platform I’ve been on a disclosure is shown before payment is processed and not after.

It gives the buyer an opportunity to change minds, since there is no way around it.

Once order has been placed & buyer disagrees with it, there is no way to back out, probably giving some people an opportunity to grumble.