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Therapy session

Covid-19 forced me to bring my therapy session into fiverr. Feel free to inbox me if you are facing any form of challenge.

Thank you.

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I suggest you ask customer support if you are allowed to have a gig as a sex therapist. I’m not sure if that falls into the erotic or adult category or not.

I know that there is an extremely open, graphic way of communicating when discussing this. I wouldn’t think fiverr would allow this.


I refuse to believe that an educated person with genuine skills as a therapist would ever choose to use a profile picture of a child, let alone when offering sex therapy.


Have you checked my profile? besides, i can use my sons picture anytime i feel like it. Thank you for your contribution.

I discussed with customer care and i was allowed because of the way i carry out my sessions.

Terms of service prohibits:

Adult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene

Your gig is basically to talk about sex.

In the U.S. that requires a license based on an advanced college degree such as an M.A. at a minimum.

You also need to make sure you are actually talking to an adult.

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Interesting. It’s the second time this week when someone says CS allowed them to do something that would be a ToS violation and lead to a gig deletion in normal circumstances.


It would be a black eye for fiverr if they turned out to be talking about sex to a 14 year old. :grimacing:

If it turns out I actually could draw naughty pinup ladies this entire time if only I cozied up to CS the right way, I’ll be upset.


The toddler picture has been replaced by a young lady in a wheelchair photo.

(a free stock photo of a young lady in a wheelchair)


Hmmm … isn’t sharing your linkedin profile link, even here on the forum, a breach of TOS?

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Remember you can’t be on fiverr without verifying your ID.

The profile picture i have in the market place is different from that of the forum. Fiverr’s mistake. The toddler you are referring to is my son. Thanks for your concern.

Lol. You wish. Maybe that’s what you did but i’m not you. Thanks for your concern.

Took it down already. Thanks for the reminder.

That should be “love causes it” - not agreeing, just correcting a typo.

And you’ll note I can still access that link …