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There are a long time! i have not find any offer/ order


A long time i have not any project. it’s borrowing time for me.


Hi, keep up the hard work and don’t lose hope :slight_smile: make good gigs, description, tags, and images plus add an awesome video too and you will surely get what you want. Good Luck <3


thank you for your tips…


You should re-record your gig video. So many grammatical errors in that video. Beside that your services are good. Good Luck.


I HAVE CHANGED MY VIDEO on my gigs. please check it again. give me advise.


I HAVE CHANGED MY VIDEO on my gigs. please check it again. give me advise.


You can edit your gigs, add proper tags.
And give buyer requests. Buyer request is a good option for getting orders.
Keep working. Best of luck


It’s a total disaster.
Better you put only an image on the gig until you prepare a nice video.
Gig video is not a mendatory thing. A simple nice image can attract more customer.

Nice song btw! what is the name of that artist?


I agree with @wp_kid . Your videos are terrible when it comes to convincing anyone to purchase your services. Those are not effective videos. I think you may want to consider hiring someone to create good videos to represent your services. Perhaps a whiteboard video designer would be of use to you.

Creating/editing promotional videos does not appear to be one of your strongest skills.


I like your logo designs.
They are very positive :grinning:


Drop the all caps as it’s considered “yelling” if you want help conduct yourself accordingly.


Jonbass, using his characteristic charm and diplomacy, has hit the nail on the head. Your gig videos are hilarious - but not good. I have never watched pornography from your country, but if I did, I would imagine the song which loudly accompanies your social media gig video would be the soundtrack. Your video shows your gig page scrolling up and down, but since nothing but the lovemaking music accompanies it, you appeared to have been preoccupied with other pursuits while filming it.

You must have been finished by the time you recorded your logo video. You sound very friendly talking in that one, and if the offer was for a “Don’t Worry Be Happy” singing gig, I would have bit. But you seem to want to sell logos - without really showing us any we’d want to buy.

You have a great, cheerful, friendly voice (albeit a bad microphone). Try doing something with that.


What’s up with the video scrolling showing all your social media profiles and/or your Fiverr profile? Can’t seem to understand why you did it. Why not just put an infographic, or better, a trailer.


many many thanks for your positive feedback