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There are any rules to "Describe your offer" section?

I am a new seller. I want to be a disciplined seller on Fiverr. So I should know what kinds of link/topics I can input in “Describe your offer” section. What is the way to addressing the buyer? If any other tips in this section I’d be interested to hear what other sellers use.


Please see:


Welcome to the forum.

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Many many thanks.This page very helpful for me.

@diniluck welcome!! Regarding your offer description, I recommend checking out the other seller’s gigs in your industry to see what they list in their gig descriptions. What are the people who are doing really well listing? Can you do something similar and unique within your own gig so that you stand out and highlight what you do best? I hope that’s helpful to you! Best of luck! :raised_hands: :hugs:

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Thanks for your stunning advice.