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There are buyers scamming sellers over here

I had a similar issue with a recent order too. The seller provided the project requirements, and ignored my follow up message. We went ahead and wrote their 5,200 words and delivered (Dec. 20th). They requested revisions on Dec. 22nd, which we submitted within 24 hours.

Dec. 27th they requested revisions again. This time providing even more additional information. Essentially, they wanted a completely different writing style. I explained that would require redoing the entire order, and would not be a revision because they failed to provide the information with our initial questions.

Well, they contacted Fiverr support and I got the email. I followed up and contacted support, explained everything above, and was also told “you can’t please all buyers, etc.” and that “Fiverr, as a marketplace cannot force a buyer to accept work if they are not satisfied.”

I tried to ask for advice, because it sounded a lot like I either pay my writers to redo the work a second time, or risk not receiving any payment. Of course, all they said was try to explain to the buyer what the order includes and better explain how you’ve covered everything… A lot of good that did, I just got the cancellation email about an hour ago. I’ve already paid my writers, so I’m the one taking the loss and Fiverr doesn’t even care.

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