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There are many buyers who just start a conversation and then disappear, does that happen to others too?

There are many buyers who just start a conversation and then disappear, does that happen to others too?


Do you mean buyers? If so, then yes, of course, they do. Many buyers “shop around,” meaning they contact several sellers to see which one communicates the most efficiently and offers the best pricing or delivery time.

If a buyer doesn’t respond, it either means that they found someone better or changed their mind.


Or, in some cases, that they will return at a later date.


All the time. I usually send them a message a week later asking if they’ve found another writer for their project. Sometimes, they got too busy with other things and will then place an order. Other times, they tell me that they found someone more budget-friendly. Most often, they don’t reply to my message when I reach out, but it has helped convert a few more buyers into orders.

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If they don’t respond you, wait for some days and send a message again asking if they still interested. The probability is that you don’t will be responded, the reasons can be:

1- The client never bought before in the Fiverr, so maybe they think that don’t work as you didn’t respond in time

2- The client contact other sellers, as you didn’t respond in time

This is normal to happen, the better way to avoid this is:

A) Respond in the same time that you receive the message, but this is not possible in most of the case.

B) Turn your gig irresistible, so they will be waiting for your response, even if you don’t respond in time.

C) Use the Fiverr App to be notified of new messages.


I’m a buyer. I always respond but if I ask specific questions and a seller just responds “hello” and later with a second message, “how are you?”, and then again later with “how can I help” - I just get really annoyed and will not interact any further. It’s unprofessional. Just answer the questions so the conversation can move straight to what can be done and whether you can actually do the gig or not so I can book it…

And don’t lie about the gig, and in private send messages that increase the price astronomically for the exact job you offer for less in public. I love good sellers but unfortunately they are few and far between. If I find a good seller I keep using them for new gigs all the time.


It happens with almost every seller, I had let say 15 messages, out of which 4 were real buyers who bought from me. Rest just disappeared or they tried to ask me for free samples, which I rejected ( they are so called buyers, we can say spammers )


Yes, and it totally frustrates me. Sometimes the conversation goes back and forth. Why would someone waste one or two hours of their time messaging all these people? Because honestly, I can think of 50 other things I’d rather be doing than wasting my time. If you see an interesting gig, just order it! Stop wasting people’s time with silly questions. I’m sure we could all spend an extra 15 to 60 minutes a day with our families, instead of wasting time on useless messaging here.


I thought a lot about the same issue today, this month I had around 10 potential customers asking me for a quote for fairly big projects and I offer quotes with my schedule in mind, but if the buyer then stops responding I always get anxious that they might come back at a later time, some even come back after 2-3 months and then want to order but at this point I can’t guarantuee that my schedule won’t be completely full.
I’d wish they would at least let me know that they are either not interested or that they are waiting for quotes from other sellers before making a decision.


Yes, It’s happened with me several time. A buyer knocked me telling his query, i replied in hour. But unfortunately he has not been online in last 7 days. I’m following up everyday :smiley: It was my first knock.

Yes, there are. It’s pretty impolite, but there are so many people like that, also such who contact you without as much as a “Hi”, that you’ll get used to it quickly. When someone doesn’t respond for a while, I just archive the conversation to forget about it and focus on actual customers, without those “unfinished conversations” taking up space in my thoughts, even if unconsciously. Out of sight, out mind.


Really frustrating, it happened to me few days ago.
The buyer told me to provide samples of my work and I did, he was convinced and told me that it would be a long term deal, he requested that I should provide samples with the details he sent before he will order my gig and after working on that, he requested for another and I designed it with his details again and after that I sent an offer to him, since then he never replied again.
Yes, I totally blamed myself because he was supposed to order my gig before I do all the work but then I was trying to please him and at least get my 2nd order since I joined fiverr.
After all my efforts and precious time, he vanished without replying to my messages. :sob: :sob: :sob:

That’s unfortunately a very common thing “buyers” do to get free work from you :confused:


Never do samples for free, and never even share samples of your work. Once an order is done, it belongs to the client. So, you can’t share that work with potential buyers. Plus, if your scammer buyers steal that work, it really isn’t fair to your original good client.


Yeah, I thought as much

I will not do that again

Actually, if I love the outcome of a project, I will ask the buyer if I can have an MP4 to share on my portfolio. If they grant me permission and send me the MP4 then you are fine to share it with someone as a recent project.

Some buyers don’t want the fiverr logo on the project because they are working with a big client, so they request a file rather than a link. I generally give them a link to my portfolio or send them a portion of the MP4 that I have written permission to share.

Just recently, I was given full permission to share a beautiful project on my portfolio but the buyer asked that I remove the logo. I have video editing skills so that was no problem. In my project description for the portfolio, I stated the company name was removed for privacy purposes.

Your buyer projects are golden if you ask permission and display them in a beautiful way. Never assume you have the permission and get it in writing in the chat area.

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Never send a custom sample for free.

On few occasions. I guess it means they have changed their mind about something or just moved forward with someone else.

Exactly, that’s what I want to do but it rarely works. Sellers are constantly asking people to “contact me first BEFORE you book the gig”… It’s so time-consuming to go through the conversations.

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