There are no annoying if I suggest customers click thump up when they loved my products?


I’m a newbie here. I get one order last week, when I delivered the product and the customer very interested it. But they do not click thumbs up or leave feedback. =((

I know that the number of % and the stars decide for my work. How can I get more clicks feedback and thumb up of customers? Even though they said that they really loved my product, but there are no annoying if I suggest customers click thumb up when they loved my products, right? :frowning:


I always add a line. During the delivery that … "Let me know if you have any kind of problem with the logo …i am here for you ! And please dont forget to leave a review ! "

According to me…it would be annoying if buyer is not understanding what thumbs up is …? I suggest to let the buyer decide the stars politely .!


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well, thank you, I think I’ll follow your learning. Seems hard when I was just a newbie and not familiar with how to operate of Fiverr along with communicating with customers, so the guidance from your experience helped me a lot.

once again, thank you so much.


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I really think it is a smart action. A unique experience. Thank you so much.