There are no buyer requests from many days


It has been seen from many days there are no requests in buyer request.Why?


Perhaps this is “a sign” that you shouldn’t be relying upon Buyer Requests to find your work. How about learning how to market and promote your business – just like any business has to do. :wink:


Check your gigs’ tags - you’ve spelt ‘Wordpress’ incorrectly. :wink:


It’s a bit off topic, but you’re selling Divi sites for $5? Since you’re not mentioning yearly rate I assume you have the lifetime license. It costs $249, so you’re expecting to deliver 50 websites to break even?

It’s your gig and you can charge whatever you want, but would you buy a website for $5 knowing that the yearly theme costs $89 and if the developer has the lifetime license then at this rate they need to do a ton of sites for free.


try and create relatable gigs to your main gig but those gigs you must add them in a different but related category… e.g. i am a good logo designer but i can also design logo mascots…so i have created a Logo design gig… a Cartoon and charicatures gig and a illustration gig. Offers are starting to pile up already now. they are coming from 3 different directions


how does one checks anothers tags?


Scroll to below the gig description, feedbacks etc. - you’ll see the tags there.


I’m waiting for this one…!


Depending on your gigs you may not see Buyer Requests as what you see is dependent on what your gigs are for.


As uxreview mentioned you should make sure your Fiverr customers know that they will need to buy the Divi licence and that you are just installing it for them … Unless of course you have the full re-seller licence which i’m sure you do.