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There are no buyer requests

I have gigs but buyer requests are not showing there? Why?

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Same Problem On Me No Buyer Request Bro :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

So you mean…that now we need to get order from our own buyer to get more buyer requests??? whats the benefit of fiverr platform…

are you new seller? since new seller are not getting buyer offers i don’t know why many new seller are telling this

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It basically means that us new sellers will be seeing fewer buyer requests than what we used to see. They made it so only 10 new sellers can respond to each buyer request-- so basically, it’s first-come, first-serve. I’m pretty sure that the buyer requests are rolled out at 3-4 different points of the day, so if you check it often, you may be able to score and find an offer.

In order to make up for this drop, it is also important to find ways to market your own business outside of Fiverr. Try to create an online presence somewhere or buy cheap ads to gain exposure for your services. I’m no marketing expert, so you’ll definitely want to do your own research.


Keep checking for new buyer requests every hour. There are specific times buyer requests are updates, Keep track of time and you should be fine.:wink:
Happy selling


Most of the buyers are from USA, UK and nearby countries. Usually they have less work in winter season and they enjoy winter holidays. So far I know, winter season is dull period for our freelancers. Hopefully summer will bring something good for us. Thanks.


This text is written by Eoin Finnegan

The answer from Fiverr is that “New Sellers” or those without a level are treated differently when it comes to Buyer Requests.

Since the introduction of the monthly Level evaluation, a Buyer request can only receive 10 offers from new sellers. Once an offer has received 10, other new sellers will not see that Request.

The solution is to check 3–4 times per day as new requests are released at different times throughout the day. Also, make the most of the offers you do see, don’t waste it with template answers or by applying to things you cannot do. Focus on the ones you CAN do. In that way, you will get good reviews and move up in level so that you can see more Requests!

Thanks, Eoin!

I only see little. less tha i saw. does it make sense?

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Check this out: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018

Yes, it makes sense.:smile:

The number of requests varies for different seller levels