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There are no dumb questions in a support community, right?


I’m super new to Fiverr (like yesterday new) and consider myself to be relatively intelligent but can’t figure this out. Before you read on, know that I have set my currency to the correct one CAD.

Here’s the question - and big thanks in advance for your time.

When I edit my gig and put the price in, this is what it shows - and is correct in CAD.
Basic: $50
Standard $60
Premium $65

But when I am not in editing mode and view my account as a buyer would it shows as a much higher price. Which is ridiculous.

Can any of the experts out there let me know where the jump up in price happens? If it’s automatic, I’ll just adjust my pricing.

Basic $70.03
Standard $77.03
Premium $91.04

Thanks all. I’m not sure why I’m so thick on this one but I can’t figure it out.



I have just looked at your gig and it says $50, $55, and $65.


Well that’s probably the best answer I could hope for. Odd that I see it showing as the second screen capture at the higher price.

Thanks so much. And thank you for taking the time to reply.