There are no orders in a month


There are no orders in a month. What to do to correct this. please help me. fiver is my only source of income…
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That’s unfortunate. Have you tried marketing or promoting your gigs?


Yes. i did promote my all gigs in Facebook and twitter. but have not order yet


And, are the people you’re connected to on Facebook and Twitter your customers? Do those people you are connected to need your services?


It seems your impressions are too low. Try to edit your gig. Maybe adding new keywords will work.


You’ve received 10 reviews and you’ve decided to make Fiverr as your only source of income. Why?
There are plenty of posts here explaining how to optimize and market your gig. You should keep trying to improve your gigs, but while you’re not getting orders you should definitely explore other options besides Fiverr.

Apply for a full-time job, create profiles on other platforms, take courses to upskill and expand your portfolio. When I started as a freelancer I didn’t even have time to ask questions on this forum because I was too busy consuming the information that is already available. I bet a lot of us are hustling on multiple platforms. Personally I think you should never tie yourself to one single platform, but I suppose if you have regular clients you can make it as your primary source of income. You’re far from it with your 10 reviews.

I’m not saying you can’t ask questions here, but promoting & optimizing gigs has been answered 10 times over on this forum. Don’t wait us to repeat it once more, use your time more efficiently.


Your impressions are actually higher than most of mine.


not connected to on Facebook and Twitter my customers


Then those are probably terrible places to market your gig services. :wink:

Market and promote your gigs where your target customers are located. Those customers are the only people who will purchase your services – and thereby make you successful.


How do I promote my gig targeted customers?


Everybody on Facebook needs a cover! :wink:


Find other how they are promoting there gigs.
Social media is a way to go. What you think most of your customers will be, that’s the place you should target
plus find similar gigs and check there portfolio, gig description and make your same good as theirs but not copying of course.


In the last 30 days?


On most gigs yes. I rely on repeat clients.


These are mine for the last 30 days and I have been on vacation mode since the 15th.
I thought being you have been here longer yours would be more?


The past ten days it’s like I’ve been on vacation too. Before that it was great, until I changed a gig.


I change mine quite often. I have to fine tune you know.


Do your impressions and orders drop off when you edit a gig?


I really do not pay attention to that stuff, although I know most sellers do. :thinking:


It was very dramatic, going from an incredible long term roll of orders to almost none for the past two weeks.